Thursday, December 1, 2016

Assassin's Creed movie billboards...

Assassins Creed movie billboard
This holiday season another video game franchise makes the giant leap from the console to the big screen, Assassin's Creed.
Assassins Creed special movie billboard
Regardless of the historical time periods the games took place in, you could always guarantee they'd feature a hooded figure with a blade hidden up his sleeve. 
Assassins Creed film billboard
In this movie adaptation, Michael Fassbender plays 'Callum Lynch', who rescued from his own execution and through the use of miraculous technology is able to unlock genetic memories of his ancestor, 'Aguilar de Nerha', during the 15th century Spanish Inquisition.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
Discovering he is descended from a secret society of deadly Assassins, he's able to access incredible knowledge and skills to take on the guild's arch-enemies, the nefarious Templar Order in the present day.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
These dynamic standard and special cut-out extension billboards were snapped along the Sunset Strip, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue from November 18 to November 29, 2016.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
Fans of the original video games can also check out these Assassin's Creed game billboards, plus admirers of Michael Fassbender can check the actor out in these X-Men: Apocalypse movie billboards and these Steve Jobs movie billboards.
Assassins Creed movie billboard
For more games that have become big screen movies, make sure to also check out these Prince of Persia movie billboards, these Hitman: Agent 47 billboards, these Need for Speed film billboards and these fun billboards for The Angry Birds Movie.
Assassins Creed movie extension billboard
From the looks of the trailers and talent involved, it appears that this adaptation may just break the video game to movie mold, to deliver a truly thrilling fantasy action-adventure film that justifies the ticket price and makes for a happy holiday season at the box office.

UPDATED: Fans can also check out these original movie costumes from Assassin's Creed on display.
Assassins Creed movie cut-out extension billboard

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