Thursday, November 3, 2016

Trolls movie billboards...

Trolls movie billboard
This Fall following in the tradition of toys being brought to life on the big screen, the Troll dolls join the ranks of Transformers, G.I. Joe, Lego, The Care Bears and My Little Pony to name but a few, with their new computer-animated movie, Trolls.
Trolls film billboard
In the new DreamWorks film, the colourful frizzy-haired Trolls (originally created by Thomas Dam) live in a fluorescent wonderland of joy and happiness, until one day when giant 'Bergen' monsters attack their village.
Trolls movie Poppy billboard
The relentlessly cheerful 'Poppy' (voiced by Anna Kendrick) must team-up with the grumpy 'Branch' (Justin Timberlake), who warned of the threat, and set off on a colourful adventure filled with song to help rescue their friends.
Trolls movie Branch special extension billboard
You certainly get the rainbow quality of these billboards, but Daily Billboard feels like the studio marketing team missed a trick by not having even more fun with the signature hair elements of the Troll dolls.
Trolls movie billboard
Where are the special extensions cut-outs peaking out the top of these standard billboards to showcase the Troll's hair, where is the embellished shimmering glitter effect to help the ads stand out even more like in these GCB billboards and America's Got Talent billboard examples. More importantly, where's the hair?
Trolls movie billboard
These vibrant Trolls movie billboards (and yes, the sideways special extension cut-outs are cute) were photographed along the Sunset Strip, Olympic Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Hollywood Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Highland Avenue and Robertson Boulevard from October 11 to October 21, 2016.
Trolls movie Poppy hair billboard
Trolls movie billboard
For more films adapted from toy brands, be sure to also check out these Transformers movie billboards, Battleship movie billboardsG.I. Joe movie billboards and billboards for The Lego Movie from recent years.
Trolls movie Branch billboard
In the spirit of the Trolls themselves, let's be optimistic that this new animated offering delivers more than just nostalgia (what child of the 80s and 90s didn't have a Troll pencil topper, doll or keychain, or know someone who did), and is able to sing and dance its way into audiences hearts and box office success.
Trolls Poppy hair special extension billboard
Here's hoping we'll all be finding our rainbow bright, unicorn-filled, fantabulous happy place this November that we can all "dance, dance, dance" along to.
Trolls film billboard
UPDATED: Here's also more of the Trolls on this Sparkling Ice water promotional partner billboard snapped along Westwood Boulevard on November 8, 2016.
Sparkling Ice water Trolls billboard

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