Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Traffickers series premiere TV billboards...

Traffickers series premiere billboard
Imagine a world where people buy and sell human organs for a luxury price tag, sounds like a great plot for a sci-fi movie doesn't it? What if we told you it was already happening in the world we live in today.
Traffickers TV billboard
The Traffickers on Fusion is an investigative television series which explores the global black market where anything is up for sale and everything has a price, be it babies for adoption, rhino horns, endangered species, counterfeit drugs, or human organs.
Traffickers TV billboard
British journalist Nelufar Hedayat will travel through Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas bringing shocking stories from around the globe involving smugglers, bribe-takers, safe houses, dealers and vast transportation networks.
Traffickers series launch billboard
The striking portrait wall mural for The Traffickers featuring an actual human heart was snapped along Gower Street near Hollywood Boulevard, whilst the standard landscape billboard was photographed along the Sunset Strip on November 17, 2016.
Traffickers TV series billboard
This graphic ad creative also reminds Daily Billboard of this tongue-in-cheek (or heart-in-hand) season seven billboard for Childrens Hospital.

How much do you think your heart would sell for on the black market?
Traffickers heart organ billboard

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