Friday, November 18, 2016

Rise of the Tomb Raider Jeep 3D special installation billboard in New York City...

Rise of the Tomb Raider 3D Jeep billboard installation NYC
Usually it's Spider-Man that you see swinging through the streets, or climbing the walls, of New York City, so this life-size Jeep Wrangler suspended on the side of a building for the new Tomb Raider video game is a real spectacle in the city that never sleeps.
Suspended Tomb Raider 3D Jeep billboard Broadway NYC
This 64-foot-tall 3D billboard installation was photographed along Broadway at 52nd Street in Manhattan on November 11, 2016, where it has been since October, and at one stage the experiential billboard also showered passersby with fake snow to further engage their senses.
Tomb Raider 3D Jeep billboard installation NYC
This eye-catching 2,000 pound Jeep installation taking imagination to new heights was the brainchild of Out of Home America Wilkins Media and Liquid Advertising, to help create excitement for the new PS4 game featuring the English archaeologist-adventurer.
Rise of the Tomb Raider 3D Jeep billboard installation NYC
For another example of a car driving on the side of another wall you can also take a look at this Mini billboard installation from Shanghai.

Plus fans of Lara Croft can also check out these Tomb Raider Reborn game billboards from Spring 2013.
Prize of the Tomb Raider Jeep billboard installation NYC
Daily Billboard knows it can be hard to find a parking space in the Big Apple, but this seems a little bit extreme to say the least, although it is the perfect way to celebrate twenty years of the iconic video game character (plus you also get a chance to win a Jeep as a prize too).
Special Prize of Tomb Raider Jeep billboard NYC

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