Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mascots movie billboards...

Mascots movie billboard
If you thought the political battleground was tough, then you've not been introduced to the competitive world of sports team Mascots.
Mascots film billboard
Best in Show's Christopher Guest takes a closer comedic look at the people behind the goofy masks and costumes that get the crowds cheering at your favourite team games in Netflix's latest movie, sporting a fun cast that includes Jane Lynch, Ed Begley Jr., Zach Woods, Sarah Baker, Chris O'Dowd and Parker Posey.
Mascots movie billboard
These Mascots movie billboards were spied high above Westwood Boulevard on October 18, 2016, plus above Beverly Boulevard the following day.

Whether they wear a dog, turtle, octopus or dinosaur suit, it's time for the Mascots to come off from the sidelines and step into the spotlight for their moment of fame.
Mascots Netflix billboard

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