Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Lane Bryant This Body fashion billboards...

Lane Bryant Danielle Brooks This Body billboard
The fashion industry is constantly being criticised for depicting unachievable and unrepresentative body images of women (more and more, fashion magazines are called out for their altered photoshop cover images), so it's nice to see Lane Bryant's latest outdoor ad campaign celebrating real women's bodies.
Gabourey Sidibe Lane Bryant This Body billboard
Their stylish black and white 'This Body' billboards featuring instantly recognisable TV and film stars, Danielle Brooks and Gabourey Sidibe, show that models don't have to be stick thin to look beautiful and confident.
Lane Bryant Danielle Brooks billboard Times Square
Along with celebrating America's cultural diversity, they help shatter stereotypes that curvy women can't be sexy and Daily Billboard can't help but feel with the current mood of the country, these ads make for great role models for young girls and women struggling with insecurities about body issues and their self-worth in the world, perpetuated by the media and the sexist, racist bullies in positions of power.
Gabourey Sidibe Lane Bryant This Body billboard
These chic black and white Lane Bryant This Body billboards (shot by Cass Bird) were spied along L.A.'s Hollywood Boulevard on October 21, plus also high above Times Square in New York City on November 11, 2016.
Giant Lane Bryant Cacique lingerie billboard Sunset Strip
Meanwhile the super-sized Cacique 'I'm no angel' lingerie billboard featuring Ashley Graham, helping to redefine established notions of sexiness and beauty, was photographed towering over West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on April 11, 2015.
Danielle Lane Bryant This Body billboard NYC
Lane Bryant This Body Gabourey Sidibe billboard
Fans of Danielle Brooks can also check out these Orange is the New Black TV billboards, whilst Gabby Sidibe's admirers can enjoy this Precious film billboard and these Tower Heist movie billboards.
ashley graham Lane Bryant Cacique billboard
The plus-size fashion label's second installment of their 'This Body is Made to Shine' further emphasises their body positive offering to women of all shapes, sizes and colour.
Danielle Brooks Lane Bryant This Body billboard Times Square NYC
As a society we need more empowering ad creatives like this to help dispel the fear and darkness, and continue moving forward, not backwards, reflecting and respecting diversity and difference. We're not all the same, one size doesn't fit all, and that's our strength.
Lane Bryant Danielle Brooks This Body billboard

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