Thursday, October 6, 2016

TV WEEK: Those Who Can't season two billboards...

Giant Those Who Cant season 2 hip flask billboard
This Fall it's time to welcome back the teachers of Smoot High for their sophomore season, which sees the inept teachers joined by a new Principal (played by Cheri Oteri) to shake things up.

This second season ad creative with the hip flask with an apple engraved on it is a fun and clever idea, and the small 'please teach responsibly' tagline at the top is a nice tip of the hat to all the mandatory wording on alcohol advertising.
Giant Those Who Cant season 2 billboard
This giant-sized season two billboard was photographed making a big impression on the side of the Sunset Strip's Andaz Hotel on September 14, 2016.

If you're a fan of the comedy series, make sure you also check out these season one billboards for Those Who Can't from earlier this year.
Those Who Cant season 2 billboard
Plus for another apple-inspired teacher moment, you can also enjoy these Bad Teacher movie billboards with Cameron Diaz from 2011.

If you're feeling a bit nervous about going back-to-school, or just standing in front of all those unruly kids day after day, we're sure a nip of whisky will do the trick.
Those Who Cant season 2 hip flask billboard
UPDATED: Here's another hilarious ad creative for the show's sophomore season. This witty chalk finger 'Zero F's given' billboard was spied near Times Square in New York City on November 11, 2016.
Those Who CanT season 2 Zero Fs given billboard NYC

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