Saturday, October 15, 2016

Surviving Compton TV movie billboards...

Surviving Compton Lifetime movie billboard
You know, it's amazing how we turn a blind eye as society to our heroes flaws and weaknesses, whether it be our football stars, politicians or musical icons, be it drugs, tax evasion, adultery, or domestic abuse.

Lifetime's new TV movie Surviving Compton looks to set the record straight on one urban fable though, with Michel'le telling her side of the Straight Outta Compton story in a new made-for-TV movie biopic on Lifetime.
Surviving Compton billboard
The film will take a closer look at her abusive relationship with Dre from iconic rap group N.W.A. and also her invalidated marriage to Suge Knight (who was married to another woman at the same time), with Michel'le played by actress Rhyon Nicole Brown.
Surviving Compton TV movie billboard
These Surviving Compton TV movie billboards, paying homage to the Straight Outta Compton movie billboards from 2015, were first snapped along San Vicente Boulevard at Wilshire Boulevard on September 30, then later above Sunset Plaza on October 3, 2016.
Surviving Compton movie billboard
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Let's see if Michel'le's account of things will score as high viewers as the Straight Outta Compton movie did at the box office, which has grossed over $2 million worldwide at cinemas.
Surviving Compton Lifetime billboard

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