Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doctor Strange movie billboards...

Giant Marvel Doctor Strange movie billboard
Are you ready to open your mind to a world of new possibilities and improbabilities, to the supernatural, magical and other-dimensional? If so then you're ready to step into the world of Marvel Comics latest big screen hero, Doctor Strange.
Benedict Cumberbatch Doctor Strange movie billboard
Benedict Cumberbatch is perfectly cast as 'Stephen Strange', Master of the Mystic Arts and Sorcerer Supreme, a renowned neurosurgeon whose hands are injured in an accident which causes him to seek out a new path for his life.
Giant Doctor Strange movie billboard
Created by artist Steve Ditko and first appearing in Strange Tales #110 in 1963, this master mage will introduce us to yet another uncanny aspect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and explore whole new planes of existence.
Doctor Strange movie billboard
In the film the good Doctor of New York City's Greenwich Village is set to face off against Mads Mikkelsen's villainous 'Kaecilius' with the help of comic book enemy 'Baron Mordo' (played by Chiwetel Ejiofor), with Rachel McAdams a friend from his surgeon days and Benedict Wong playing Strange's reimagined manservant 'Wong'.
Giant Doctor Strange film billboard
Horror film director Scott Derrickson's superhero movie debut hasn't been without its critics though, as some people have criticised the whitewashing of Doctor Strange's Tibetan mentor, 'The Ancient One', from an Asian character to caucasian actress Tilda Swinton.
Doctor Strange film billboard
The giant-sized Doctor Strange billboard was snapped looming over eastbound traffic along the Sunset Strip on September 29,  2016, whilst the standard landscape version was photographed along Santa Monica Boulevard further west the next day.
Doctor Strange movie billboard
Fans of Benedict Cumberbatch can also check him out in these Star Trek: Into Darkness movie billboards, these film billboards for The Fifth Estate and this 2015 Oscar consideration billboard for The Imitation Game.
Doctor Strange billboard
The Doctor is in, now let's see what marvelous magic he can work with those hands.
Doctor Strange movie billboard
Doctor Strange film billboard
UPDATED: Here's another trippy Doctor Strange billboard spied high above Hollywood's Vine Street on October 11, 2016. Now this would have made a mind-bending super-sized ad creative.
Doctor Strange film billboard
UPDATED: As the release date draws nearer, Doctor Strange seems to materialising all over the streets and skies of L.A.
Doctor Strange special extension billboard
This new standard billboard was spied along Pico Boulevard, whilst the special extension cut-out was photographed along La Brea Avenue on October 19, 2016.
Doctor Strange movie billboard
Let's see how many more cool billboards magically appear in the coming weeks.

UPDATED: Fans of the Marvel movie can also check out these original Doctor Strange film costumes on display.
Doctor Strange special cut-out billboard

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