Sunday, October 30, 2016

Dishonored 2 video game billboards...

Dishonored 2 video game billboard
You often see gaming billboards popping up in the skies at this time of year, maybe it's because we're fast approaching the gift-giving season, or that the weather is turning more wintery and people are staying in more to shelter from the cold and dark.
Dishonored 2 game billboard
These sinister billboards for Dishonored 2 have popped up just in time these past few weeks to captilise on the spooky Halloween season.
Dishonored 2 billboard
In this stealth action-adventure sequel, you must help the deposed 'Empress Emily Kaldwin' reclaim her throne from an otherworldly usurper, playing as either her or her protector, 'Corvo Attano', and wielding a variety of supernatural abilities.
Dishonored 2 video game billboard
These Dishonored 2 billboards were first spied above the Sunset Strip and along Fairfax Avenue on October 5, 2016, plus fans of the game franchise can also check out these Dishonored game launch billboards from 2012.
Dishonored 2 game billboard
Gaming fans can also check out more cool video game outdoor ad campaigns here at Daily Billboard.

It's time to 'take back what's yours', who will you fight as?
Dishonored 2 video game billboard

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