Sunday, October 2, 2016

Apple iPhone 7 billboards…

Apple iPhone 7 billboard
For the launch of their new iPhone 7, Apple is shaking things up in the city skyline by eschewing their usual white background for their ad creatives and opting for a new bold and black look instead.
Apple iPhone 7 billboard Sunset Strip
Aside from looking sleeker and slimmer these billboards don't really tell you an awful lot about the smartphone's new features (or the fact they've contentiously done away with the headphone jack on this model).
Black iPhone 7 billboard
But let's face it, once you've bought into the Apple family of products, from phones to laptops and tablets, it's like a blackhole that keeps sucking you in and forcing you to upgrade when your battery runs down, or you spill something on your MacBook keyboard, or drop and crack your iPhone's screen.

The conspiracy theorists amongst you may even say that it's not new technology that drives Apple's business, but the built-in obsolesce in their products that keeps you coming back for more.
Giant iPhone 7 billboard
These iPhone 7 launch billboards were spotted around the streets of L.A., including Melrose Avenue, Pico Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Sunset & Vine, the Sunset Strip and more besides, from September 16 to September 26, 2016.
iPhone 7 billboard
You know, it's lucky that L.A. is so blessed with sunshine and the lovely Southern Californian blue sky most of the time, as on a gloomier day these black ad creatives wouldn't look half as attractive.
Apple iPhone 7 billboard
You can compare these new outdoor ads to Apple's iPhone 6 launch billboards, the iPhone 6s billboards and these colourful iPhone 5c billboards from recent years.
iPhone 7 billboard
Daily Billboard wonders if the next ads we'll see will be for the Apple Watch Series 2 in time for Christmas, or will it be something else entirely.
Apple iPhone 7 billboard
UPDATED: Here's another iPhone 7 billboard example, this time on the East Coast, snapped above Apple's store at 9th Avenue and W 14th St in New York City on November 11, 2016.
Apple iPhone 7 billboard NYC

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