Friday, September 30, 2016

Luke Cage series premiere TV billboards...

Luke Cage series premiere billboard
With the current racial tensions in America, there's never been a better time for a strong black superhero to be patrolling the city streets protecting the innocent, and a bulletproof one at that.
Luke Cage series launch billboard
'Luke Cage' becomes Marvel's latest street-level hero to stream on Netflix and sees Mike Colter go solo after starring alongside Krysten Ritter in the acclaimed Jessica Jones TV series.
Luke Cage series premiere billboard
This 'Hero for Hire' has come a long way since his 1970s comic book debut in tiara, chain belt and yellow silk shirt when he was created by Archie Goodwin, John Romita, Sr. and George Tuska.
Luke Cage Netflix series billboard
Also known as 'Power Man' and for partnering with martial arts expert 'Iron Fist' in stories published by Marvel Comics, this new live-action series will delve into his ex-con origins, the experiment that went wrong and changed his life, and his path to using his powers to become a neighbourhood hero on the streets of Harlem.
Luke Cage season 1 billboard
Get ready for some familiar faces from the Netflix TV shows and comic books too, like Rosario Dawson's nurse 'Claire Temple' and the introduction of police detective 'Misty Knight' played by Simone Missick.

You can also expect expect Luke Cage to have his own rogues gallery of villains from crime bosses to crooked politicians, played by Mahershala Ali and Alfre Woodard respectively, as his past comes back to haunt him.
Marvel Luke Cage TV series billboard
These series launch billboards were photographed above Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard and along the Sunset Strip on September 22, 2016.

For more mighty Marvel television shows, be sure to also check out these cool Daredevil TV billboards, these Jessica Jones TV billboards, these Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. billboards and this billboard for Marvel's Agent Carter.
Luke Cage series launch billboard
And don't worry if you binge-watch Luke Cage too fast, you won't have to wait too long to see him again when he teams up with his other Marvel Netflix heroes in The Defenders television series.
Luke Cage season 1 billboard

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Deepwater Horizon movie billboards...

Deepwater Horizon movie billboard
With the temperatures soaring in L.A. and the weather being perfect conditions for wildfires, the last thing you really want to see in the skies is a ton of black smoke.
Deepwater Horizon billboard
That being said, these dramatic billboards for Mark Wahlberg's new disaster movie, Deepwater Horizon, certainly stand out around the city streets at the moment.
Deepwater Horizon film billboard
Based on true events, the biographical movie tells the tale of the 2010 offshore oil drilling rig explosion that claimed the lives of eleven crewmen and created the biggest oil spill in U.S. history.
Deepwater Horizon movie billboard
These eye-catching billboards, which eschew the common practice of showing the lead actor's face to see the movie, were snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and the Sunset Strip from August 18 to September 10, 2016.
Deepwater Horizon movie billboard
Will you be enticed by the real-life heroics of this explosive tale this weekend, or will the fantastical elements of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, the mirth of crime caper Masterminds, or the true story of an African chess champion in Disney's Queen of Katwe tickle your fancy instead?

UPDATED: If you're a fan of the movie, make sure you also check out this miniature model oil rig from Deepwater Horizon on display.
Deepwater Horizon film billboard

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Weediquette season two TV billboard...

Cops smoke weed Weediquette season 2 billboard
With the current tensions between the police and communities all around America at the moment, this irreverent 'Cops smoke weed' billboard stands out even more in L.A.
Weediquette season 2 Cops smoke weed billboard
The provocative ad creative is for Viceland's returning documentary series, Weediquette, which is hosted by Krishna Andavolu and explores the science, culture, economics and growing legalization of marijuana, including the people who use it for medicinal purposes for everything from cancer to PTSD.
Weediquette Cops smoke weed billboard
This season two billboard for Weediquette was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on September 14, 2016, and Daily Billboard even managed to capture a police patrol car in one of the shots which was rather timely.
Weediquette season 2 Cops smoke weed billboard
Pot-related programming seems to be a real growing business, from this docu-series to HBO's new dramedy High Maintenance and MTV's Mary + Jane series, and let's now forget Showtime's Weeds dark comedy series which ran for eight seasons from 2005 to 2012.

We're sure there's more context to this inflammatory headline, but it certainly helps this billboard make an impact in the city skyline.
Weediquette season 2 Viceland billboard
UPDATED: Here's also another pot-themed billboard from Viceland for their second annual Weed Week, spotted along Highland Avenue on March 29, 2018.
Weed Week Viceland billboard

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Walking Dead season seven TV billboards...

Walking Dead season 7 We're just getting started billboard
"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…", the question on everyone's mind as The Walking Dead enters its seventh sensational season, is who died at the hands of 'Negan's' barbed wire bat 'Lucille' at the end of last season?
Walking Dead season 7 billboard
These days on the post-apocalyptic zombie drama it's not just the undead you have to worry about, but all the other humans vying for survival in a drastically different world.
Walking Dead season 7 billboard
When we last left 'Rick Grimes' and his band of plucky survivors from the walled-off community of Alexandria things didn't look that good for someone.

If the series follows the comic books then 'Glenn' may be a goner after already faking us out with his death last season, but then maybe his pregnant wife 'Maggie' who was in need of medical attention will be bludgeoned to death instead (it's not the first time the show has killed off a pregnant woman).
Walking Dead season 7 billboard
There are so many fan-favourite characters like 'Daryl', 'Michonne', 'Carl' and more that it's almost impossible to think who it could be without some kind of huge implications for the other survivors now under the thumb of a new tyrant.

And also what about 'Carol' and 'Morgan', what new community, or Kingdom, and its people have they discovered?
Walking Dead season 7 billboard
These wicked 'We're just getting started' billboards will get any TWD fan excited, especially as Jeffrey Dean Morgan seems to be perfectly cast as the villainous Negan.

It's strange when you think the actor's played such lovable characters in the past, like the 'Winchester Boys' father in Supernatural, heart patient 'Denny Duquette' and love interest of intern 'Izzie Stevens' in Grey's Anatomy and recently 'Alicia Florrick's' mysterious investigator lover in The Good Wife.
Walking Dead We're just getting started billboard
However he's no stranger to playing nasty characters ripped from the pages of iconic comic books either, as he played 'The Comedian' in the big screen adaptation of Watchmen back in 2009.
Walking Dead season 7 Negan billboard
These striking season seven billboards were spied along the Sunset Strip and Beverly Bouylevard on September 26, 2016.

If you're a fan of the show, be sure to also check out all these previous season promo billboards for The Walking Dead, plus this Daryl Dixon and Walker costumes on display recently at the FIDM Museum in Downtown L.A.
Walking Dead season 7 billboard
We may just be getting started with Negan's reign of terror, but it looks like it's going to be one hell of a ride that'll continue to make The Walking Dead one of the most compelling on-going television dramas to watch.
The Walking Dead season 7 billboard
UPDATED: This seasons seven ad creative looks even more impressive when it's been super-sized.
Walking Dead season 7 giant billboard Sunset Strip
This giant billboard for The Walking Dead was snapped along the Sunset Strip on September 29, 2016.
Walking Dead Negan giant billboard
Daily Billboard also thinks there'll be a lot of Negan impersonators walking the streets this Halloween.
Giant Walking Dead season 7 billboard
Now batter up, this season looks like it's going to be most brutal yet (and that's saying something for a show about zombies).
Giant Walking Dead season 7 billboard
UPDATED: Negan's bat 'Lucille' even gets its own billboard this season and this vertical ad creative was snapped at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine on October 11, 2016.
Walking Dead season 7 Lucille billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard also couldn't help but share these billboards for The Walking Dead's companion talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick.
Talking Dead TV billboard Sunset Strip
These ad creatives for TWD's after show, where celebrity fans, stars and creators are guests, were snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on December 17, 2016.
Chris Hardwick Talking Dead 2016 billboard
UPDATED: Meanwhile this 'Rise Up' billboard for the show's midseason return, featuring Rick and his reunited fellow survivors, seems to be the perfect anthem for these dark times.
Walking Dead midseason 7 Rise Up billboard
This season seven part two billboard was snapped along the Sunset Strip on January 6, 2017.
Walking Dead season 7 part 2 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a fun billboard spoof of Negan and Lucille for The Robot Chicken Walking Dead Special photographed along the Sunset Strip on September 25, 2017.
Robot Chicken Walking Dead billboard

Monday, September 26, 2016

Storks movie billboards...

Storks movie billboard
Storks may not have soared as high as The Magnificent Seven at the box office this weekend, but the animated movie seemed to score with cinema goers based on reviews, so the newcomer may still have a chance to fly high in the coming weeks.
Storks movie billboard
The second film from the newly formed Warner Animation Group, which also delivered the highly successful The Lego Movie, Storks reveals that although the birds used to deliver babies, they've moved on and now deliver packages for
Storks film billboard
When the baby making machine at Stork Mountain produces one unexpected child, the company's best delivery stork, 'Junior' (voiced by Andy Samberg), must make his first baby drop with his orphaned human friend 'Tulip' (Katie Crown) and help make one family whole.
Storks movie billboard
The computer-animated adventure also features the voice talents of Jennifer Aniston, Ty Burrell, Kelsey Grammer, Key & Peele and more besides.
Storks movie billboard
Storks movie billboard
These fun Storks movie billboards were snapped around the streets of L.A., including along Cahuenga Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Pico Boulevard, La Brea Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, 3rd Street and San Vicente Boulevard from September 3 to September 7, 2016.
Storks film billboard
The square versions of these outdoor ads also remind us of these movie billboards for The Boxtrolls from 2014.
Storks movie billboard
Plus for more animated hijinks of the feathered kind, make sure you also check out these Penguins of Madagascar movie billboards, these billboards for The Angry Birds, these Free Birds movie billboards and these Happy Feet Two film billboards.
Storks movie billboard
Now at least when your kids ask you where babies come from, you'll have a family-friendly film available to answer their curious questions.
Storks billboard

Sunday, September 25, 2016

TV WEEK: Vice News Tonight series premiere billboards...

Giant Vice News Tonight series premiere billboard
Not content with a print magazine and website, plus a HBO documentary series already in its fourth season, now Vice Media is expanding into the week-nightly news arena with Vice News Tonight.

There's no wonder that the media company continues to encourage investors like Fox and Disney, with the latter rumored by CEO Shane Smith himself to be a perfect fit as an acquisition for the Mouse House.
Vice News Tonight series premiere billboard
With the U.S. Presidential Election in full swing there's no shortage of news and satirical commentary throughout the week, but it looks like Vice News Tonight will be bringing its own unique brand of news with an unconventional anchorless half-hour show, combining Vice's signature mini-documentary style approach with graphics, charts and animation.
Vice News Tonight series launch billboard
These series launch billboards were snapped towering over eastbound traffic along the Sunset Strip and along Robertson Boulevard on September 6, 2016.

Plus be sure to also check out these Vice season one to four billboards from around the skies of L.A. in recent years.

The show has now been postponed from its September 26 debut, apparently to make sure everything is perfect for broadcast across all platforms, and will now launch on October 10, 2016.

Are you ready for a new approach to the news?
Giant Vice News Tonight HBO series billboard
UPDATED: After disappearing for a few days the billboards are starting to pop up again for Vice News Tonight with the new start date, like this one spotted along 3rd Street on September 28, 2016.
Vice News Tonight HBO series launch billboard