Thursday, August 18, 2016

MacGyver TV remake billboards...

MacGyver TV reboot billboard
There's a new Fall television season on the way, so by now you know to be prepared for more than a few recycled ideas, movie spin-offs, or TV reboots to fill the small screen in the coming months.
MacGyver 2016 series premiere billboard
CBS have chosen to resurrect the MacGyver TV series for a new generation, and you can almost forgive them for doing so with these explosive billboard ad creatives for the 2016 reimagining.
MacGyver special extension billboard
The original MacGyver was a sleeper hit which ran on ABC for seven seasons from 1985 to 1992, and also spawned two subsequent TV movies in 1994.
MacGyver 2016 series remake billboard
Richard Dean Anderson infamously played the handsome troubleshooting secret agent 'Angus MacGyver', who in a refreshing change of pace used his scientific knowledge and innovative mind to solve problems instead of resorting to guns all the time.
MacGyver 2016 series launch billboard
In the new incarnation the X-Men movies Lucas Till (he played 'Alex summers/Havok') plays a young twenty-something 'Angus "Mac" MacGyver' using his unconventional resourcefulness (and his ingenious knack with some bubble gum and a paperclip) to save lives for a clandestine U.S. government organisation.
MacGyver TV remake parachute extension billboard
These fun, action-packed series premiere landscape billboards were first spied along Sepulveda Boulevard and Pico Boulevard on August 11, whilst the extra eye-catching special extension cut-out parachute version was photographed along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on August 15, 2016.
MacGyver TV remake billboard
The world needs some hope, idealism and old-fashioned heroism at the moment, so let's hope this MacGyver remake proves more successful than NBC's 2013 Ironside remake and 2011 Prime Suspect reimagining, The CW's 2013 The Tomorrow People, or ABC's 2011 Charlie's Angels TV reboot to name but a few.

Daily Billboard will keep our fingers crossed and a Swiss Army knife handy in case of emergencies.
MacGyver 2016 parachute extension billboard
UPDATED: Here's another fun billboard for MacGyver and this ad creative actually makes use of the billboard hoarding to great dramatic effect.
MacGyver 2016 remake billboard
This portrait billboard was spotted high over Hollywood & Highland on August 22, 2016, and for a similar ripped billboard idea be sure to also check out this Smurfs 2 movie billboard from 2013.
MacGyver series launch billboard

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  1. Love this show! I can't see how people hate this show so much. I understand this show was based off the classic in the 80s, but people have criticised every single wrong thing that wasn't based off the original. In actual fact, this TV show is REALLY good I would definitely like for a season 2.