Friday, August 12, 2016

Heineken Beer Summer 2016 billboards...

Enjoyed 192 countries at the end of your commute Heineken billboard
This Summer for Heineken Beer it seems all about the numbers, no, not the number of bottles you've drunk already, but the brand's brewing credentials.

Be it the number of countries around the world the Dutch beer is sold in, or the year it was first brewed.
Heineken Brewed with same cast since 1873 billboard
The witty ad campaign also has a locally tailored Hollywood acting theme and Los Angeles bottle necks, plus is targeted along busy commuter thoroughfares like Sunset Strip to catch motorists eyes on their way back from a hard day's work.
Born Holland raised in 192 countries Heineken billboard
These landscape Heineken billboards were first photographed in two ad locations along Sunset Boulevard on May 10 and May 12, whilst the portrait version was spied in the heart of Hollywood & Vine on July 29, 2016.
Enjoyed at the end of your commute Heineken Beer billboard
If you're a fan of the Dutch beer brand and find their advertising as refreshing as their brews, make sure you also check out these other Heineken Beer billboards from recent years in the skies of L.A. and New York City.
Heineken Beer Brewed with same cast since 1873 billboard
Now TGIF! With Summer rapidly rushing by and everyone else seemingly enjoying their far flung vacations, some weekends are just more welcome than others.

Time to crack open a beverage of your choice, and if that drink just so happens to be alcoholic in nature, so be it. Cheers and let's raise a glass to the weekend!
Heineken Beer Born Holland raised in 192 countries billboard

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