Friday, August 5, 2016

Alaska Airlines LAX to Costa Rica billboards...

Alaska Airlines LAX Costa Rica Toucan billboard
Welcome to the first Friday in August (scary thought, right?), and if you feel like Summer is quickly ticking away, there's still time to plan a fabulous getaway vacation and this month Alaska Airlines is trying to tempt Los Angelenos with the thought of visiting Costa Rica with this fun outdoor ad campaign.
Alaska Airlines Nonstop flights LAX Costa Rica billboard
The airline company is trying to inspire passersby with the indigenous flora and fauna of the South American country and the fact that they have nonstop flights to the destination which is just under six hours away.
Alaska Airlines sloth snugglers Costa Rica billboard
Daily Billboard first snapped this flourishing Alaska Airlines ad on July 16 along Sunset Boulevard, followed by the more elaborate billboard extension with a toucan and additional tropical foliage on July 27, 2016, in the same location.
Alaska Airlines Nonstop LAX Costa Rica billboard
The final result certainly draws your eye as you pass by, even if the effect is lessened from the main Sunset Boulevard street level by the telegraph pole in front of the billboard.
Alaska Airlines special extension Costa Rica Toucan billboard
Meanwhile an additional 'sloth smugglers' billboard was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard over in West L.A. on August 1, 2016. It's such a whimsical and refreshing ad campaign, unlike some corporate-looking airline billboards.
Alaska Airlines sloth snugglers billboard
This Spring and Summer the skies of L.A. have been jam-packed with airline ad campaigns galore and if you don't believe us, be sure to also check out these recent American Airline billboards, these colourful Air France billboards, these Delta Air Lines billboards and these Virgin America Hawaii billboards.
Alaska Airlines Toucan Costa Rica billboard
Have these billboards inspired you to pack a bag and hop on the next flight to explore Costa Rica? Sun, sand and cuddly wildlife awaits you.
Alaska Airlines Sloth snugglers Costa Rica billboard
UPDATED: With all the sunshine and soaring temperatures in L.A.Alaska Airlines special extension billboard has flourished even more since the last time Daily Billboard passed by.
Alaska Airlines tropical foliage Costa Rica billboard
The ever-changing travel ad creative is even more covered in tropical foliage on August 15, 2016, which is sure to keep heads turning as commuters drive by.
Alaska Airlines tropical foliage Costa Rica billboard

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