Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Shooter series premiere TV billboards...

Shooter series premiere billboard
They say timing is everything and for the new TV series Shooter that seems to be the case, as they decided to change the premiere of the show by a week due to the horrific police shootings in Dallas on July 7, 2016.
Shooter series premiere billboard
Obviously it didn't help that the launch billboards for the USA Network series started to appear following that tragic event, especially after the heightened state of fear and distrust after the shootings by police of black men that preceded the sniper ambush during the peaceful protest in downtown Dallas.
Shooter series launch billboard
Yes, not a good time to debut a show called Shooter, which is a remake of the 2007 movie of the same starring Mark Wahlberg and adapted from Stephen Hunter's 1993 thriller, Point of Impact.
Shooter TV remake billboard
This time around Ryan Phillippe plays the expert marksman, 'Bob Lee Swagger', who is framed by a government conspiracy, which forces him to go on the run to stop a plot to assassinate the President.
Shooter season 1 billboard
These Shooter billboards were first spied around July 11 through July 20, 2016, above La Cienega Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and La Brea Avenue.
Shooter series premiere billboard
Now the network has decided to push the release date to the Fall after the additional sniper-like killings of three Baton Rouge police officers on July 17, although with the continued state of gun violence in America, you have to wonder if these episodes will ever air.

And with that in mind, why are there still billboards in the L.A. skies with the original premiere date?
Shooter TV series billboard
The only consolation with these subdued ad creatives is that Ryan Phillippe isn't staring down the barrel of some rifle, or pointing a gun at someone like the current Jason Bourne movie billboards.

Obviously some people feel that this course of action is political correctness run amok, but at times like this maybe a bit of sensitivity to current events is just what is needed.
Shooter series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Following all the high-proile sniper and police shootings, USA Network decided to pull the Shooter TV remake from their Summer schedule and moved its debut until the Fall.
Shooter redesigned series launch billboard
Here's a retooled series launch billboard for the series starring Ryan Phillippe, with a much more overtly patriotic Star-Spangled Banner in the background, spotted high above Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on October 21, 2016.
Shooter series premiere billboard
After a fraught general election season this red, white and blue Stars and Stripes flag will certainly pluck at American' heart strings, and it brings to mind when NBC changed the name of its Odyssey TV series to American Odyssey and redesigned its outdoor ad campaign to mimic the successful American Sniper's theatrical release billboards.
Ryan Phillippe Shooter TV series billboard
UPDATED: Here's more billboard support for the new show, snapped along the busy Sunset Strip on November 2, 2016.
Ryan Phillippe Shooter series premiere billboard
Sadly it seems there's never a good time in the U.S. to launch a show called Shooter with all the deaths from guns on an almost daily basis.
Shooter season 1 billboard

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