Friday, July 22, 2016

Pete's Dragon movie remake billboards...

Giant Pete's Dragon movie billboard
In 1977 Sean Marshall played the boy with a dragon brought to life with the magic of Disney animation, and now in 2016 Pete's Dragon gets the CGI treatment to star alongside Oakes Fegley in the live-action movie.
Pete's Dragon special extension movie billboard
The Disney movie remake tells the tale of an orphaned boy who has survived alone in the woods for six years with his best friend 'Elliot' (voiced by John Kassir), who just happens to be a dragon.
Giant Petes Dragon movie billboard
Unlike the original which was a musical, this new film is a fantasy adventure which also stars Bryce Dallas Howard as a forest ranger who discovers the 10-year-old 'Pete' in the wilderness, whilst Robert Redford plays her dad and Karl Urban is the man leading the charge to capture this supposedly dangerous mythical creature.
Pete's Dragon movie billboard
The giant-sized ad creative was first snapped making a big impression along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on July 5, whilst the special extension cut-out billboards were photographed along La Cienega Boulevard on July 7 and above Santa Monica Boulevard on July 11, 2016.
Disney Petes Dragon movie billboard
For Daily Billboard there's something about these dreamy ad creatives that evoke movies like The NeverEnding Story, The Good Dinosaur and the How to Train Your Dragon movies, which isn't a bad thing at all.
Disney Pete's Dragon film billboard
Only time will tell if this new family-friendly movie about a magical friendship will make children's imaginations soar this Summer at the box office.
Disney Pete's Dragon film billboard
In an increasingly grim and gritty world, do these fantastical billboards make you want to air punch the sky today too?
Disney Petes Dragon movie billboard