Saturday, July 23, 2016

New wave of Shot on iPhone 6s billboards...

Shot on iPhone 6s Anh N billboard
In 2015 Apple and their agency TBWA/Media Art Lab took home the Cannes Grand Prix advertising accolade, winning the Outdoor Lions category with their user-generated 'Shot on iPhone 6' billboards which were spied around the globe.
Shot iPhone 6s Kate A Jellyfish billboard
When they revisited the campaign for the iPhone 6s launch outdoor campaign, as a point of difference they focused on faces and portraits, usually using two images per billboard.
Shot on iPhone 6s Seamus S Shoreline billboard
Now for a second new wave of outdoor ads they has returned to the iPhone 6 philosophy of beautiful images of scenery, nature and the world around us, primarily using one central image per billboard to help mix things up in the city skies again.
Shot on iPhone 6s Jill L Snowflake billboard
Shot on iPhone 6s Harumi T Red stripes billboard
Daily Billboard likes how this ad campaign continues to shine a spotlight on the natural wonders of our world and also humanity's architectural achievements, plus highlighting amateur and professional photographer's ingenuity capturing these inspirational images.
Shot on iPhone 6s Karolis V billboard
Shot on iPhone 6s Douglas S billboard
Interestingly enough we get many searches leading people to this blog and messages from countries around the world asking about the billboard images that have been captured in the skies of L.A., so here's another batch to enjoy (are they one of yours?).
Shot on iPhone 6s Khadija L Desert billboard
Shot on iPhone 6s Aneta G Boogie board billboard
These 'Shot on iPhone 6s' examples were photographed around the sprawling city streets of L.A. from June 30 to July 19, 2016, with many more filling the skies in multiple locations.
Shot on iPhone 6s Douglas S Ice cave billboard
Obviously great campaigns always encourage imitators and social media startup I'm certainly tried to emulate the concept with these I'm Here There Everywhere billboards. As they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Shot on iPhone 6s Danny Z Mum baby swim billboard
It'll be interesting to see how long this user-generated Apple campaign will run. Will we ever see a 'Shot on iPhone 7' series of billboards we wonder.
Shot on iPhone 6s Anh N billboard
UPDATED: Here's another frosty example of the new wave of billboards photographed above Hollywood Boulevard on August 2, 2016.
Shot on iPhone 6s Chelsea T iceberg billboard
And another side of Sunset Vine Tower in Hollywood covered with the cool jellyfish ad creative.
Giant Shot on iPhone 6s jellyfish billboard
UPDATED: It's that time again for Apple to refresh its outdoor campaign by moving creatives around its ad locations in the sprawling city skyline, like this extra-large billboard snapped along the Sunset Strip on August 15, 2016, although interestingly this is renamed the Shot on iPhone campaign.
Apple Shot on iPhone 6s billboard

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