Friday, July 8, 2016

Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates movie billboards...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates movie billboard
These fun billboards designs for new comedy Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates almost instantly convey the premise of the movie with their clever creative.
Mike Dave Need Wedding Dates billboard
This Summer Adam Devine and Zac Efron play the titular hard-partying brothers who tend to get out of control and ruin family gatherings, so they are tasked by their family to bring suitably respectable dates to their sister's Hawaiian dream wedding.

After placing an ad online they think they've found the perfect dates in Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza, but the girls have other ideas and the guys just may have met their match.
Mike Dave Need Wedding Dates film billboard
These comedy film billboards were first spied in the L.A. skyline on June 8 high above San Vicente Boulevard, then later along Beverly Boulevard and 3rd Street through June 19, 2016.

Fans of the High School Musical star can also enjoy these other Zac Efron movie billboards, whilst you can also check Adam Devine out in these Workaholics TV series billboards and Anna Kendrick also stars in these Pitch Perfect 2 movie billboards.
Mike and Dave movie billboard
If you're going on a date this weekend to watch this new R-Rated comedy, let's hope it doesn't end up a total hot mess.
Mike Dave Need Wedding Dates movie billboard

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