Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Difficult People season two TV billboards…

Difficult People season 2 billboard
Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner are back for a second season of being Difficult People in New York City on Hulu.
Difficult People season 2 billboard
Whether it's 'manspreading' or taking up space doing makeup on the subway, some people just go out of their way to be difficult. Sometimes they're oblivious to what they are doing, and other times you know full well that they are totally aware of their actions.
Difficult People season 2 billboard
If you love the comedy about the two jaded and struggling NYC comedians who hate everything but each other, be sure to check out the season one billboards for Difficult People, plus if you're a fan of Billy Eichner you can also enjoy these Billy on the Street TV billboards.
Difficult People season 2 Hulu billboard
For more subway-themed ad creatives, make sure you take a look at these Power season two billboards, these Hindsight series launch billboards and this season six billboard for The Venture Bros.

Now sit back, relax, stream and try not to be too difficult to the people around you.
Difficult People season 2 billboard

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