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Universal Television 2016 For Your Emmy Consideration billboards...

Wiz Live 2016 Emmy billboard Sunset Strip
Welcome to another 2016 Emmy consideration billboard roundup, this one for Universal Television's shows and specials. To the untrained eye the networks and studios seeming to be spending big on outdoor advertising trying to garner these TV accolades, and it's not just billboards, but buses, benches, shelters and more plastered in Emmy FYC ads.
Wiz Live 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
First up is NBC's all-black musical event The Wiz Live!, which followed their previous live outings The Sound of Music and Peter Pan, and scored around 11.5 million viewers. Will talented newcomer Shanice Williams garner a nomination for her role as 'Dorothy', or will Ne-Yo, David Alan Grier, Elijah Kelly, Queen Latifah or Mary J. Blige score a nod for their over-the-rainbow roles.

These joyful Emmy consideration billboards for the special were spied along the Sunset Strip and along La Cienega Boulevard on June 7, 2016.
Master of None season 1 Emmy consideration 2016 billboard
Next up for consideration is Aziz Ansari for the first season of his acclaimed Master of None series streaming on Netflix.
Master of None 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
These billboards for the comedy series, which draws on the actor and comedian's real-life experiences growing up as the son of Indian immigrants in America, were spotted along Beverly Boulevard and above Westwood Boulevard on June 3, 2016.

If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out these series launch billboards for Master of None from last Fall.
Superstore 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
America Ferrera was back on the small screen this year with a new sitcom based at a big-box Superstore called Cloud 9.

The Latina actress won an Emmy back in 2007 for her role as Ugly Betty, so can she or any of her fellow comedy castmates earn a nomination or two this season?
Superstore season 1 Emmy 2016 billboard
These Emmy consideration billboards for Superstore were spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard on June 2 and along Highland Avenue on June 7, 2016.
Shades of Blue season 1 Emmy 2016 billboard
From comedy to crime show, and Jennifer Lopez's rookie crooked cop show, Shades of Blue, has already been renewed for a second season, so can the diva add an Emmy nom to her many musical and acting accolades.
Shades of Blue 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
These season one Emmy billboards for the NBC show were spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard and above Sunset Boulevard on June 3 and June 6, respectively.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 2 Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
Another show already in its sophomore season is the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, whose sheer unbridled optimism and peppy personality are an essential tonic to help dispel all the doom and gloom in the world at the moment.

Last year the freshman comedy was nominated for seven Primetime Emmys, so lets see if this 'Mole Woman' trying to start a new life aboveground in New York City is still a favorite of TV Academy voters.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 2016 Emmy 2016 billboard
This Universal Television 'For Your Emmy Consideration' billboard for the comedy was snapped along La Brea Avenue on June 2, 2016, and you can also check out Netflix's Emmy consideration billboards for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt here at Daily Billboard.
Brooklyn Nine Nine season 3 Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
Cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine has won the Outstanding Stunt Coordination Emmy for two years in a row for Norman Howell, plus garnered two supporting actor nominations for Andre Braugher as 'Captain Ray Holt'. Will the NYPD sitcom now in its third season tickle the fancy of voters this season?
Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2016 Emmy consideration billboard
These jam-packed Emmy FYC billboards for the Fox show were spotted along Pico Boulevard on June 2 and along Melrose Avenue on June 8, 2016.
Bates Motel 2016 Emmy consideration billboard
The Psycho TV prequel Bates Motel is another series which is made by Universal Television but airs on a different channel, this time A&E. This fourth season saw Freddie Highmore's 'Norman Bates' get closer to his murderous destiny and further evolved his twisted relationship with his mother, brilliantly played by Verga Farmiga.
Bates Motel season 4 Emmy 2016 billboard
This Universal Television Emmy billboard was snapped at the intersection of Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard on June 2, plus the A&E ad creative was spotted along the Sunset Strip on June 6, 2016.

If you're a fan of the creepy drama, make sure you also check out these Emmy consideration billboards for Bates Motel's third season from the skies of L.A. this time last year.
Mindy Project season 4 Emmy 2016 billboard
The Mindy Project found a new home on Hulu for the comedy's fourth season, but will the move from Fox to the digital streaming platform help Mindy Kaling and her castmates garner some Emmy love for their talents this year?
Mindy Project Emmy 2016 consideration billboard
This Emmy billboard for the sitcom was photographed along Olympic Boulevard on June 16, 2016.

And finally, The Blacklist may be in its third season, but it still knows how to surprise viewers, like with the 'Death of Liz Keen' during childbirth this season.

Is the crime conspiracy thriller starring James Spader and Megan Boone still a critical darling or has its time in the spotlight passed?
Blacklist season 3 Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
This season three Emmy billboard was snapped along Beverly Boulevard on June 8, 2016.

If you want to see who some of these shows are competing against this year, be sure to also check out these 2016 HBO Emmy consideration billboards (currently being rotated around the city skyline), these 2016 Hulu Emmy billboards, these Amazon 2016 Emmy consideration billboards and AMC's 2016 Emmy consideration ad campaign.

Stick around in the coming days for even more Emmy roundups, including collections for Netflix, Starz, Fox and more besides (the billboard companies must love this time of year).
Blacklist 2016 Emmy 2016 billboard
UPDATED: Here's also another Emmy billboard, this time for cult drama The Path, which streams on Hulu and stars Aaron Paul, Michelle Mongahan and Hugh Dancy. This ad was snapped along Ventura Boulevard on June 17, 2016.
The Path season 1 Emmy consideration billboard
Plus here's another landscape version spied along La Brea Avenue in better lighting on June 19, 2016.
The Path season 1 Emmy consideration billboard

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