Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Secret Life of Pets movie billboards...

Secret Life of Pets movie billboard
For years animated movies have featured talking animals, in fact Disney is the master of bringing the joyful creatures to life, so why didn't they ever make a film called The Secret Life of Pets do you think?
Secret Life of Pets Duke billboard
Maybe it's because they already made a similar movie, although instead of wondering what your household pets do all day when they're at home on their own, it was what do your toys do in the playroom when you're no longer there, in the Toy Story film franchise.
Secret Life of Pets cat billboard
So this Summer it's up to Illumination Entertainment to bring humanity's faithful pets to life in this computer animated comedy (and we're sure they're hoping for the same success they had with Despicable Me and the Minions spin-offs).
Secret Life of Pets Mel Pug billboard
So what do your pets do while you're at work? Do they wait faithfully at the door for your return or curl up on your bed and sleep all day, or are they surfing the internet, watching their favourite TV shows, eating everything yummy in your fridge, or ordering treats online with your credit cards?
Secret Life of Pets Max billboard
In the film a spoiled terrier named 'Max' (voiced by Louis C.K.) lives a charmed life in a Manhattan apartment building hanging out with other pets until his owner adopts an older, sloppier giant dog named 'Duke' (Eric Stonestreet).
Secret Life of Pets giant movie billboard
Obviously things get complicated in this cartoon caper and soon the two dogs are separated from their owner and dealing with a group of abandoned animals called 'The Flushed Pets' who hate humans (no wonder it's not a Disney movie).
Secret Life of Pets posters
Max Secret Life of Pets billboard
Hopefully everything will work itself out, otherwise there will be tears before bedtime with the younger audience we're sure.
Secret Life of Pets film billboard
Streets posters for this new animated movie are first spied over in West L.A. on April 16, whilst the other fun character special extension, standard and super-sized billboards were snapped around the streets of L.A. from June 16 to June 25, 2016.
Secret Life of Pets Duke billboard
Secret Life of Pets Chloe cat billboard
Regardless of whether you're a dog or cat person, how can you not love all these cute billboards filling the sprawling city skyline for the movie.
Secret Life of Pets Max dog billboard
Disney/Pixar's undersea odyssey sequel, Finding Dory, broke box office records recently, so do you think that The Secret life of Pets will enjoy similar success this Summer?
Secret Life of Pets Mel dog cat billboard
Secret Life of Pets cat billboard
For more examples of animated talking animals make sure you also check out HBO's Animals TV series billboards, Disney's Zootopia movie billboards, these Madagascar 3 movie billboards and these Ice Age Continental Drift movie billboards to name but a few.
Secret Life of Pets Terrier Max billboard
And if you're suspicious of what your pet gets up to whilst you're not home, maybe you should check out these Nest in-home security cam billboards.

Maybe what you should really be thinking about is what your pet is doing while you're at the cinema watching this movie.
Secret Life of Pets giant Pops billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a cute special extension billboard for the bunny 'Snowball', spotted along La Cienega Boulevard on July 7, 2016.
Secret Life of Pets bunny Snowball billboard
However looks can be deceiving as this fluffball is the ringleader of the Flushed Pets, so not as cute and cuddly as he looks.
Secret Life Pets bunny Snowball billboard

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