Saturday, June 11, 2016

Delta Air Lines Dream Up, L.A. billboards and more...

Dream up LA Delta Air Lines billboard
As promised last weekend, here's Delta Air Lines latest dreamy outdoor ad campaign, and this abundance of different company airline billboards filling the city skies certainly has Daily Billboard dreaming of jetting away somewhere fabulous at the moment.
Delta One at LAX billboard
These locally-tailored 'Dream Up, L.A.' ads by the airline's creative agency Wieden + Kennedy not only target the adventurous and more wealthy travelers, but they also an inspirational quality and wit to them.
no shortcuts Delta billboard
Daily Billboard especially likes the ad creative about there being no shortcuts, except along Fountain Avenue, hilarious and fortunately very true.
Dream up LA Delta billboard
These new Delta billboards were spotted taking flight in the skies of L.A. from May 25 to June 2, 2016, along Fountain Avenue, Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.
Delta One LAX billboard Sunset Strip
Here's also another humorous 'flatbed seat' ad from the airline from last July, 17, 2015 along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip.
take other airlines lying down Delta billboard Jul 15
These newer ad creatives seem to have a much more lifestyle approach, whilst the previous campaign was much more about the mechanics and operations of Delta's services.
Canceling cancellations Delta billboard Oct 14
This 'Canceling Cancellations' ground crew billboard was snapped high above Sunset & Vine on October 6, 2014, whilst the 'From your location, to one location, in one flight' creative with its entertainment industry spin was photographed in the same Hollywood ad location on April 14, 2014.
From your location Delta billboard
And finally, this 'A lot of the same can be a good thing' billboard was spied along the Sunset Strip on November 13, 2013.

Be sure to compare these ad creatives to other airline brand advertising campaigns, like these Virgin America billboards, these American Airlines billboards, these Air France billboards, these giant-sized Emirates Airlines billboards and these Air New Zealand billboard examples

In the meantime 'Keep climbing' Delta and we'll keep showcasing your billboards from the skies of L.A.
A lot of the same good thing Delta billboard

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