Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dead of Summer series premiere TV billboards...

Dead of Summer series premiere billboard
Are you ready to travel back to the late 1980s and enjoy the Dead of Summer this TV season?

Daily Billboard isn't sure what it is it with kids and their fascination with horror these days, maybe its those spooky old campfire stories they were told when they were younger, but Freefrom is following the likes of MTV's Scream TV series and Fox's Scream Queens with their own Summer slasher series.
Dead of Summer series launch billboard
The new coming-of-age horror series takes place at the recently reopened Camp Stillwater, where supernatural forces are stirring and creating an atmosphere of evil.
Dead of Summer freeform series billboard
This tire swing ad creative with only the legs of the body showing over the idyllic lake is a pretty creepy visual that makes you look twice.

These series launch billboards were first spied along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on June 6, then spotted later along Highland Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard through June 19, 2016.
Dead of Summer season 1 billboard
School's out for Summer and the sun-drenched season beckons with friendships, first loves, first kisses, and first kills.

Welcome to Summer Camp, hope you survive the experience.
Dead of Summer TV series billboard

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