Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bloodline season two TV billboards...

Bloodline season 2 I killed my brother billboard
Netflix's slow-burn family drama set in the Florida Keys, Bloodline, may have taken a whole season to reveal its dark secrets, but it certainly ended with a bang.
Bloodline season 2 I hid the body billboard
Now the 'Rayburn' family are back to deal with the consequences of the death of their troublesome brother 'Danny' (Ben Mendelsohn), with the three other adult siblings complicit in his murder.
Not everyone is handling it in the same way though. Norbert Leo Butz's 'Kevin' is drowning in regret, debt and drugs, Linda Cardellini's 'Meg' is throwing herself into her new job in New York City, and their big brother 'John' (Kyle Chandler) is trying to cover his guilty tracks within the police department whilst continuing to investigate drug and human trafficking.
Bloodline season 2 billboard
Meanwhile their mother (played by Sissy Spacek) doesn't believe she knows the full truth about her son's death, which is complicated even more when Danny's son 'Nolan' (Owen Teague, who also played a young Danny in flashbacks) turns up.
Bloodline season 2 billboard
These green-tinted billboards for the second season of Bloodline really stand out in the sprawling skies of L.A. and were snapped along Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard and Highland Avenue from May 26 to June 7, 2016.
Bloodline season 2 destroyed the evidence billboard
If you're a fan of the show, make sure you also check out these season one billboards for Bloodline.

Meanwhile for another example of this green tint ad design style, you can also check out these Sense8 series launch billboards (interestingly another Netflix show).
Bloodline season 2 billboard
Daily Billboard worried that this compelling series would falter after the reveals of the first thirteen episodes, but the sophomore season is off to a good start and there seem to be more skeletons in the closet to trouble the close-knit family yet.
Bloodline season 2 I killed my brother billboard
They're not bad people, but they did a bad thing, and now their sins (and their brother's) have come back to haunt them.
Bloodline season 2 billboard

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