Thursday, June 2, 2016

Amazon 2016 Emmy consideration TV billboards...

Giant Transparent I'm a big girl 2016 Emmy billboard
To say that Transparent raised the profile of Amazon as a provider of quality original scripted drama is an understatement, with the first season of the show already garnering two Golden Globes and five Emmy wins, along with many other industry accolades for the cast and series.
Transparent 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
Now it's time to see if the transgender family drama can repeat the success of its groundbreaking debut for the 2016 Emmys.

These new episodes continued to prove that Jeffrey Tambor's retired L.A. college professor, 'Maura Pfefferman', has the most self-centred children and ex-wife in the world, whilst offering us an intimate and enlightening glimpse into the world of an older person transitioning into their true self.
Giant Transparent 2016 Emmy FYC billboard Sunset Strip
These compelling season two Emmy consideration billboards were snapped on May 26, 2016, including this spectacular giant-sized ad along the Sunset Strip and these smaller landscape billboards along Melrose Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard.

Be sure to also compare these ad creatives to 2015's outdoor Emmy ad campaign for Transparent.
Transparent beautiful 2016 Emmy billboard
Next up in Amazon's pantheon of original programming is the Golden Globe-winning musical comedy Mozart in the Jungle.
Mozart in the Jungle 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
Gael García Bernal won Best Actor for his role of the 'Maestro' in this whimsical series which goes behind-the-scenes of the world of a New York Symphony orchestra.
Mozart in the Jungle Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
This Emmy consideration for the second season of the show was spotted along Sunset Boulevard on May 26, 2016, and regardless of their nomination success the series is already due to return for a third season on Amazon.

Fans of the series can also check out these Mozart in the Jungle season one and two billboards.
Catastrophe season 2 Emmy 2016 FYC billboard
Another series back for a second season on Amazon Prime's subscription service is the British comedy, Catastrophe. The sitcom is about a couple who had a fling when one of them was on a business trip to London, resulting in an unexpected pregnancy, which has now turned into a growing married family for the sophomore season.
Catastrophe 2016 Emmy billboard
This Emmy consideration billboard was captured along the Sunset Strip on May 26, 2016, and if you love the funny show, be sure to also check out these Catastrophe season 2 billboards from recent months.

Another series which proved that Amazon meant business when it came to compelling drama was the sci-fi series, The Man in the High Castle, which adapted Philip K. Dick's novel about an alternate Earth where the Nazis and Axis powers had won World War II.
Man in the High Castle 2016 Emmy billboard
Rufus Sewell certainly deserves an Emmy nod for his role as an SS Obergruppenführer in this warped parallel universe.

This evocative Emmy consideration billboard was spied along L.A.'s Vine Street on May 26, 2016, and if you like this ad creative, be sure to check out these provocative season one billboards for The Man in the High Castle from last November.
Man in High Castle 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
This Amazon Emmy campaign has a nice cohesive feel to it with emotive imagery from the shows and certainly holds its own against the FX 2016 Emmy billboards and Hulu 2016 Emmy billboards, plus the other TV channels, providers and networks filling the crowded L.A. skies that we'll be showcasing in the days to come.
Man in the High Castle 2016 Emmy billboard
UPDATED: As expected the skies of L.A. have exploded with more Emmy consideration billboards these past few days. Here's a smaller ad creative for The Man in the High Castle, plus the larger landscape billboard in better lighting, spied along Pico Boulevard on June 2, 2016
Man in High Castle 2016 Emmy billboard
Plus a larger version of the Catastrophe Emmy billboard snapped along Sepulveda Boulevard on the Westside the same day.
Catastrophe 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
And here's also another billboard example from Transparent's consideration campaign, snapped along Highland Avenue in Hollywood on June 6, 2016.
Transparent 2016 Emmy fyc billboards Hollywood

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