Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Preacher series premiere TV billboards...

Preacher series premiere billboard
AMC's new comic book adaptation series, Preacher, seems like it's going to turn things on their head this Summer.

From the upside-down church visual, to the playful spin on 'The end is nigh', this 'The beginning is nigh' billboard certainly catches your eye for the show's launch.
Preacher series launch billboard
Dominic Cooper stars as the conflicted small-town Texas Preacher 'Jesse Custer' in this loose adaptation of the Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon DC Comic Vertigo series.

Expect angels, demons and vampires mixed with over-the-top violence and crazy comedy as the bad-ass Preacher questions his faith on his quest for God.
Preacher season 1 billboard
These launch billboards for the supernatural series were first spied along La Brea Avenue on April 27, plus snapped later along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on May 1, 2016.

Even though the topsy-turvy design is eye-catching, the only disadvantage of the ad creative is that it's coming hot on the heels of AMC's Fear the Walking Dead season two billboard which also sported a similar orange colour design.
Preacher series premiere billboard
For more upside-down ad creatives, be sure to also check out this Louise season five billboard, these Houdini mini-series billboards and these Wayward Pines TV billboards.

Let's pray this latest comic book adaptation doesn't disappoint fans and casual viewers alike and that this is a great beginning.
Preacher beginning is nigh billboard

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