Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Maron season four TV billboards and more...

Maron season 4 We're not good billboard
Now here's a bit of a depressing message to be filling the skies of L.A. at the moment, 'We're no good'.

Daily Billboard wonders what's gotten comedian Marc Maron so down in the dumps for the fourth season of his titular IFC sitcom, in which he plays a fictional version of himself (much like Louis C. K. in Louie).
Maron season 4 billboard
Maybe it's because this season his small screen alter ego has been forced to live out of a storage facility, or that he's battling a prescription drug addiction (yep, that could pretty much do it).
Maron season 3 ball pit billboard
However as you can see from this season three 'ball pit' ad creative, which was photographed along Fairfax Avenue last May 10, 2015, he's never been a bundle of joy.
Marc Maron More later Epix billboard
As a special bonus here's also an Epix comedy special billboard for the standup (or lying down) comedian which was snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard on November 12, 2015.
We're not good Maron season 4 billboard
These black and white season four billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Pico Boulevard from April 20 to May 1, 2016.
Maron season 3 billboard
The handwritten 'We're not good' season tagline almost makes it look like these billboards have been vandalised by graffiti, making them stand out even more above the city streets.
We're not good Maron IFC billboard
These ad creatives may suggest he's not a barrel of laughs, but obviously enough people find the comedian's brand of humour funny.
Marc Maron More later Epix comedy special billboard

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