Friday, May 27, 2016

Grace and Frankie season two TV billboard...

Grace and Frankie season 2 billboard
Okay, for the sake of everyone who watched the first season of Grace and Frankie Daily Billboard will address the elephant in the room, it should have been better.

You have two stellar leading ladies here, the Academy Award-winning Jane Fonda and Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Lily Tomlin, but the material in the inaugural season didn't match their talents.
Grace and Frankie season 2 billboard
In the Netflix sitcom the pair play the wives of two men who have been having an affair for years and decide to leave them to get married and the resulting fallout which throws the two frenemies together is watchable and entertaining, but it's hardly comedy gold.

Let's hope this second season delves into their odd-couple friendship and their respective family dramas in more laugh-out-loud comedic ways.
Grace and Frankie season 2 Netflix billboard
This sophomore season billboard for the Netflix sitcom was photographed above Santa Monica Boulevard and La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood on May 4, 2016.

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Hopefully this second season will live up to, and even exceed, expectations of what these lovely ladies are capable of.
Grace and Frankie season 2 billboard

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