Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Feel the Burn Free STD check billboard...

Feel the burn? Bernie Sanders spoof billboard
With only a handful of state primaries remaining in the U.S. presidential election campaign, it's looking more and more unlikely that Bernie Sanders will secure the Democratic Party nomination.

Months ago many people assumed that Hilary Clinton was the natural candidate for the position, but then thousands of voters were swept up in the Vermont Senator's progressive movement and 'Felt the Bern'.
Feel the Burn? Free STD check billboard
Capitalising on his popularity with Millennials and his youthful campaign slogan, AIDS Healthcare Foundation developed their own spoof election ad creative using the play on words, 'Feel the Burn?', to help promote their safe sex and sexually transmitted disease testing initiative.
Feel the Burn STD check billboard
Daily Billboard has spotted this 'Feel the Burn?' billboard around L.A. for a while now, but this version was snapped at the intersection of L.A.'s Santa Monica Boulevard and Vine Street on May 1,  2016.

Meanwhile another opportunistic billboard creative, 'Get tested and chill', is a clever parody of the slang term 'Netflix and chill' (which is a euphemism for a booty call, come over and have sex, rather than simply watch TV), and was snapped along West Hollywood's Santa Monica Boulevard on April 2, 2016.
Get tested and chill Netflix parody billboard
Free STD checks? Daily Billboard is sure Bernie Sanders would approve this message based on his views on universal health care, and now that he's not going to get the Democratic Party nomination he's got all the time in the world to 'Netflix and chill'.

Let's just hope he never feels the 'burn'.
Feel the Burn Free STD check billboard

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