Saturday, April 30, 2016

Virgin America Now boarding billboards...

Virgin America Now boarding special cutout billboard
Virgin America has a reputation for being a fun and dynamic airline, and these past few months they've been bringing their light-hearted touch to the skies of L.A. (and San Francisco) for their new direct services to Maui and Oahu in Hawaii.
Now boarding Virgin America LAX Maui Oahu billboard
This 'Now boarding' outdoor campaign certainly fits with their fun, relaxed brand, and aside from the double meaning of the tagline, the use of a surfboard atop a mini-van helps to instantly convey the notion that these destinations are a surfers paradise too.
Virgin America Now boarding special extension billboard
This portrait ad from the campaign was first spied in San Francisco along Market Street at Octavia Boulevard on October 6, 2015.
Now boarding Virgin America SFO Maui Oahu billboard
Meanwhile the standard landscape billboards were snapped above L.A.'s Melrose Avenue on March 16 and later along La Cienega Boulevard on April 19, 2016.
Now boarding Virgin America billboard
The clever cut-out special extensions were photographed along L.A.'s Highland Avenue and Vine Street from April 15 to April 23, 2016. It's nice to see an airline having some fun with their out-of-home advertising.
Virgin America surfboard cut-out billboard
For another inventive ad for an airline, make sure you also check out Air New Zealand's 3D sleepmask billboard for their service from LAX to London's airports.
Virgin America Now boarding billboard
Plus if you're a fan of Virgin's U.S. domestic airline (soon to merge with Alaska Airlines), take a look at these previous Virgin America billboard campaigns from recent years.

Let's hope new ownership doesn't take the fun out of traveling with the flying service which has always provided a breath of fresh airline in the city skyline.
Virgin America Now boarding cut-out extension billboard

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