Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Family series premiere TV billboards...

The Family series premiere billboard
You know something's up when you see this shattered picture portrait for the new TV series, The Family.
The Family series launch billboard
This new season ABC series has nothing to do with 2013's similarly titled movie, The Family, which starred Robert De Niro in a Mafia family witness protection crime comedy.
The Family series premiere billboard
Instead, Joan Allen stars as a politician (with Rupert Graves her husband) who has her scarred and traumatised son returned to her after believing he'd been murdered ten years earlier.
The Family season 1 billboard
Is this her real son? If so, where's he been and who took him? Will the person convicted for his murder (Andrew McCarthy) be released, and will the Mayor use this new turn of events for her own political gain?
The Family TV series billboard
Did someone he knew kidnap him, what other dark secrets may this family be hiding, and why do bad things start to happen when creepy kids are involved.
The Family giant billboard
These billboards for The Family were first spied along Pico Boulevard on February 6, plus snapped later along Sunset Boulevard, Highland Avenue, Vine Street and even a super-sized version above Wilshire Boulevard through February 25, 2016. Who do you think looks the most guilty?
The Family TV billboard
In recent years there's been several shows about missing or returned children to play on people's heart strings, be it ABC's own Resurrection, The Returned and Starz mini-series The Missing, so let's hope The Family can offer something new to the TV mix this season (as ABC Studios have certainly spent enough money on outdoor advertising to get you to watch).
The Family series billboard

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