Saturday, March 26, 2016

Commit to Something Equinox gyms billboards...

Equinox Commit to Something orgy billboard
Equinox, where the beautiful people go to workout and stay looking beautiful.

The upscale gyms are back in the skies at the moment with another intentionally provocative and eye-catching outdoor ad campaign to inspire people to get fit and live a daring lifestyle.
Equinox Commit to Something trophies billboard
Are you ready to 'Commit to Something', whatever your passion, be it orgies with well-toned and muscular beautiful young things, winning trophies for cheerleading, or raising a family and looking glamorous at the same time.
Equinox Commit to Something breastfeeding billboard
The breastfeeding ad creative was spotted down in Huntington Beach, Orange County on February 10, whilst the bedroom orgy billboard was spied along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on March 8 and the trophies version was snapped above Westwood Boulevard on March 12, 2016, and we're sure these won't be the last of these billboards we come across.
Commit to Something Equinox billboard
This campaign for the fitness company which marks its 25th anniversary this year is by Wieden & Kennedy New York and you can compare it to their previous Equinox Made me do it billboards and decide which ads you like better.

For our part, Daily Billboard commits to continue to bring you the best billboards filling L.A.'s sprawling city skyline each and every day. You're welcome.
Commit to Something Equinox trophies billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a squarer version of the breastfeeding ad creative spied along Santa Monica Boulevard in West L.A. on April 17, 2016.
Equinox Commit to Something breastfeeding billboard
There's no denying this impactful billboard certainly makes you take a second look when you pass by.
Equinox breastfeeding billboard
UPDATED: Here are some examples of the continuation of Equinox's outdoor ad campaign for the 2017 New Year.
Equinox Mastectomy tattoo Commit to Something billboard
The luxury gym brand continues to employ provocative imagery to turn heads, like with this super-sized double mastectomy recipient being tattooed along the Sunset Strip.
Equinox Virtual Reality Commit to Something billboard
Equinox Commit to Something Bees billboard
Meanwhile trends like virtual reality, dangerous hobbies like bee-keeping and sweaty harp players feature in new shots by fashion photographer Steven Klein.
Equinox Harp Commit to Something billboard
These bold billboards were snapped along Bolsa Avenue in Westminster, Hollywood Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard from January 26 to February 14, 2017.
Equinox Mastectomy Commit to Something billboard Sunset Strip

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