Thursday, February 11, 2016

Those Who Can't series premiere TV billboards...

Those Who Can't series premiere billboard
There are teachers who can inspire, enlighten and challenge us. Unfortunately these are not those teachers. Introducing the faculty of Smoot High School, the very definition of Those Who Can't.
Those Who Can't restroom billboard
This new school-based sitcom is Tru TV's first full-length scripted series and interestingly was one of Amazon Studios first pilots.
Those Who Can't series premiere billboard
The half-hour series follows a trio of trouble-making teachers, played by the show's creators - Adam Cayton Holland, Andrew Orvedahl and Ben Roy, who are joined in their hijinks trying to beat the system by the school librarian played by Maria Thayer (who you can also check out in this Eagleheart season two billboard).
Those Who Can't restroom billboard
The 'yearbook' teaser ad creatives were first snapped along Sunset Boulevard and on a wall mural high above Vine Street in Hollywood on January 24 and 26, 2016.
Those Who Can't season 1 billboard
Meanwhile the 'restroom' billboards with the tagline 'failure is an option' were spied in the same locations on February 3 and 8, 2016.
Those Who Can't series launch billboard
Tru TV has been spending big on outdoor advertising of late and if you don't believe us, be sure to also check out these Adam Ruins Everything billboards and these Billy on the Street billboards.
Those Who Can't yearbook billboard
Let's see if Those That Can't can actually make us all laugh, or whether they should go back to comedy school (after all, they say you can't teach funny).
Those Who Can't TV series billboard

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