Sunday, February 7, 2016

Mozart in the Jungle season two TV billboards...

Mozart in the Jungle season 2 Amazon billboard
Last season Mozart in the Jungle introduced us to the behind-the-scenes of classical music orchestras and Broadway musicians in New York City and not only garnered two Golden Globe nominations, but won both for Best Actor for Gael García Bernal and Best TV Series in the comedy or musical category.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 billboard
Amazon really is producing great original series, from the critically-acclaimed Transparent and thrilling The Man in the High Castle, to this glimpse into the world of New York orchestra musicians and the politics, sex, drama, donors and egos that keep the music flowing.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 billboard
In the first episode Lola Kirke's 'Hailey' blew her first chance to be an Oboist in the orchestra when the brash new maestro, 'Rodrigo' (Bernal), gave her a rare opportunity, but by the season finale after training with her nemesis, assisting the star conductor and befriending other members of the symphony (Saffron Burrow's 'Cynthia'), she soon had her opportunity to shine as part of the ensemble and enjoyed a surprise kiss.
Mozart in Jungle season 2 billboard
Now with a larger role in the orchestra, a world tour to look forward to (including a Mexican homecoming for Rodrigo), the threat of a union strike to contend with, and her career and love life to juggle, Hailey and her maestro return for ten more magical, and musical, episodes.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 billboard
These sophomore season billboards for the Amazon series were spied along Pico Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard from January 12 to February 5, 2016.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 billboard
If you're a fan of the fun, binge-worthy show, be sure to also enjoy these season one billboards for Mozart in the Jungle.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 TV billboard
Sporting a stellar cast which also includes Malcolm McDowell and Bernadette Peters, new locales to enjoy and classical music cameos to delight, it's time to peer behind-the-curtain for another season of egos, passions and orchestral ups and downs.
Mozart in the Jungle season 2 billboard
UPDATED: Can Mozart in the Jungle and its cast repeat the success from the Golden Globes and nab an Emmy or two at this year's awards. Amazon certainly hope so and had this joyful Emmy consideration billboard along Sunset Boulevard on May 26, 2016, which perfectly sums up the spirit of the Gael García Bernal's Maestro and the music-themed show itself.
Mozart in the Jungle 2016 Emmy FYC billboard

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