Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Second Chance series premiere TV billboards...

Second Chance series premiere billboard
Will viewers give Fox's new sci-fi series a first glance even after numerous name changes from The Frankenstein Code to Lookinglass, and now Second Chance.

Hopefully the buff Robert Kazinsky suspended in water will warrant a first viewing at least.
Second Chance series premiere billboard
Inspired by Mary Shelley's classic Frankenstein novel, the series sees the disgraced 75-year-old Seattle 'Sheriff Pritchard' brought back from the dead in a new and improved body (Kazinsky), five times more powerful and resilient than your average man, given a second chance at life to make up for past sins.
Second Chance season 1 billboard
There's no mistaking the boy's done good since his days on U.K.'s popular soap Eastenders, with roles in Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim film and the sixth season of True Blood as a Faerie-Vampire hybrid providing the actor some cool sci-fi and fantasy credentials.
Second Chance TV series billboard
These eye-catching series launch billboards were first spied at Fox Studios along Pico Boulevard on December 12, then spotted along La Cienega Boulevard on December 26, 2015.
Second Chance series launch billboard
Will Second Chance breath new life into the story of Frankenstein, or will this new show be dead on arrival? Sink or swim, which will it be. His life is in your hands.
Second Chance season 1 billboard

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