Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Outsiders series premiere TV billboards...

Outsiders series premiere billboard
If you've ever felt like an outcast or slightly alienated by the society around you, then you ain't seen nothing yet, as WGN America brings you a new gritty off-the-grid drama called Outsiders.
Outsiders series launch billboard
Set in the backwoods of modern day Appalachia, the series revolves around the 'Farrells', a family clan who have shunned today's society and created their own way of life in the rugged, mysterious hills.
Outsiders season 1 billboard
When big business, in the form of coal developers, threaten the rural Kentucky tribe's world by trying to evict them, they'll do anything to protect their mountain homestead.
Outsiders series premiere billboard
David Morse plays the alpha male on the mountain called 'Big Foster', whilst Thomas M. Wright is burdened 'Sheriff Wade Houghton', trying to keep the peace between all the communities and companies involved.
Outsiders special extension billboard
As the struggle for power begins in the dangerous hills, the series tagline says it all - 'you have no idea what you're dealing with'.
Outsiders TV series billboard
These series launch billboards for Outsiders were first spotted along La Cienega Boulevard on December 26, 2015, and they do a great job of world-building and offering glimpses of the intriguing bearded mountain men and the forested world they inhabit.
The special extension billboard which gives you an idea of the clan mentality the local cops have to deal with was spied along Pico Boulevard, whilst the other evocative ad creatives were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Highland Avenue on January 12, 2016.
Outsiders WGN America series billboard
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Outsiders special extension billboard
Would you want to mess with these Outsiders? Or more importantly would you want to watch them in action?
Outsiders season 1 billboard

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