Saturday, January 9, 2016

Grindr and Tinder AHF Free STD check billboards...

Grindr Gonorrhea AHF Free STD check billboard
Common sense should tell you that the more random people you sleep with, the higher your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease of some kind, especially if you don't know them so well and they are regularly using hookup apps like Grindr and Tinder.
Chlamydia Tinder AHF Free STD check billboard
Through helping clients and from medical research, AIDS Healthcare Foundation understands this notion and created these 'Free STD Check' ad creatives to help educate, raise awareness and stop the unnecessary spread of STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia and encourage safe sex practices, whatever your sexual preference.
Tinder and Grindr Free STD check billboard
When it first debuted in September 2015, the clever outdoor ad campaign featuring silhouetted faces and the hookup brand names next to STDs garnered worldwide attention, the threat of legal action from Tinder and temporary advertising blacklisting by Grindr. Hopefully it also made an impression with those most susceptible, the 15 to 24-year-olds.
Grindr Gonorrhea Free STD check billboard
Now AHF is back with a second wave of ad creatives taking the idea one step further and featuring silhouetted naked bodies against colourful backgrounds to help get their message across.
Chlamydia Tinder STD check billboard
The controversial silhouetted cameo-like billboard was snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard on September 19, 2015, whilst the equally eye-catching full body versions were spied along Santa Monica Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Highland Avenue from December 16 to December 29, 2015.
Hookup apps Free STD check billboard
AIDS Healthcare Foundation is no stranger to using clever visuals and fun concepts to get its message across, so be sure to also check out these other safe sex billboards from around the streets and skies of L.A. in recent years.
Grindr Gonorrhea STD check billboard
Daily Billboard isn't trying to be a prude, we like sex as much as the next person, but who realistically wants to start the New Year with an STD? Be careful folks and make sure you play safe.
Chlamydia Tinder AHF Free STD check billboard

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