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U2 Innocence + Experience Live in Paris billboards...

U2 Innocence Experience Live in Paris HBO concert billboard
Due to the tragic events of the Paris terrorist attacks on November 13, 2015, music fans never got to enjoy U2's Innocence + Experience Live in Paris concert on HBO on the original date (and Daily Billboard chose to move these billboards planned for November 14).

However proving that the killers couldn't extinguish the spirit of the City of Lights, the concert was rescheduled to December 7 and featured the Eagles of Death Metal on stage, who were playing at the Bataclan Theatre when 89 concert-goers were gunned down.
U2 Live in Paris HBO billboard Times Square
The postponed concert was recorded at the AccorsHotels Arena in Paris and had an impressive setlist spanning the Irish rock band's career from their 1980 debut album 'Boy', to their most recent offering, 'Songs of Innocence' (which was available for free as a download on iTunes last September).

These eye-catching billboards for the originally advertised live performance helped convey the interactive nature of the tour, as U2 move throughout the venues via multiple stages and use a unique floor-to-ceiling area-length LED screen to entertain their audience, making for some cool visuals to accompany their infamous songs.
Giant U2 Live in Paris HBO billboard Sunset Strip
This super-sized billboard was snapped towering over the Sunset Strip's eastbound traffic in West Hollywood on October 26, whilst the landscape version was spotted in Times Square, New York on October 31, 2015.
Revo Bono Buy vision Give sight billboard
Last year we also discovered why U2's frontman Bono wears his signature sunglasses, it's not because he's living the rock star dream, but rather to protect his eyes as he has suffered from glaucoma for twenty years.

Here's a billboard also spied in the streets of New York City, featuring Bono and the Revo shades he's collaborated with for the 'Buy vision, Give sight' campaign, where a percentage of proceeds of these sunglasses go to help with screenings, eyewear and other services for those in need of help.
Giant U2 Live in Paris HBO billboard Sunset Strip
And as an extra bonus, here's also the Showtime billboard for U2: From the Sky Down, the documentary film which chronicled the making of U2's groundbreaking Achtung Baby album, snapped along the Sunset Strip on October 26, 2011.
U2 From the sky down Showtime billboard
If you're a music lover, be sure to check out all these other recording artist and music-themed outdoor ads here at Daily Billboard.

If you haven't had to chance to see them on their tour in person, there's still a chance to rock out with Bono and U2 on HBO.

Vive la France.
Giant U2 Live in Paris HBO concert billboard Sunset Strip

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