Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboards...

Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
You can tell when the holiday party and gift-giving season are approaching when more and more alcohol billboards start to grace the skies.
Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
Daily Billboard doesn't recall seeing any outdoor ads before for Hangar 1 Vodka and as they're not traditional festive-themed billboards for this time of year, this tongue-in-cheek 'fresh-picked' ad campaign stands out even more.
Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
These fun Hangar 1 Vodka billboards were first snapped along Sunset Boulevard at La Brea Avenue, then later along Melrose Avenue and further west along the Sunset Strip through November 20, 2015.
Hangar 1 vodka billboard
Be sure to also compare this outdoor ad campaign to these other vodka brand billboards from recent years.
Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
Today is Daily Billboard's birthday and vodka is our favourite tipple, so if only a fresh-picked crate of Hangar 1 could appear to quench our thirst and help with cocktail time.
Hangar 1 fresh-picked vodka billboard
Regardless, let's hope everyone is having a very merry festive season whatever they're drinking.
Fresh-picked Hangar 1 vodka billboard

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