Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm Here There Everywhere billboards...

I'm Here hand heart sun billboard
What are all these I'm billboards and where did they come from are questions some people are asking in L.A. these past few weeks.
I'm There lighthouse billboard
With all the different ad creatives, this I'm campaign instantly reminds Daily Billboard of Apple's Shot on iPhone 6 ad billboard campaign, which was user-generated and very visual.
I'm Everywhere NYC billboard
Just like that outdoor campaign these billboards really stand out as they're not really trying to sell you anything and have inspiring imagery.
I'm Here Surfer billboard
The real problem comes when you visit the website and there's very little information on what it's all about or how to use this new app or online feature.
I'm There mountain lake billboard
That's a lot of money to spend on an awareness raising campaign, especially when you're driving people to a platform that doesn't seem to work.
I'm Here sunbathing billboard
Another question raised is do we need another app to let you 'explore and share the world around you'.
I'm There Flatiron building billboard
Daily Billboard isn't quite sure how this new offering is any different from checking in on Facebook, sharing an instagram photo, a tweet, a review on Yelp, or countless other social media options (although saying that, maybe this new startup will be worth millions in the coming months).
I'm Everywhere city streets billboard
These engaging I'm billboards were spotted here, there and everywhere around Los Angeles in the past few weeks, along La Brea Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard from November 5 to November 22, 2015.
I'm Here hand heart billboard
There are worse things to be filling the L.A. skyline at this time of year, so we may as well all enjoy the imagery for as long as they're around.
I'm There lake billboard
I'm Here sunbathing billboard
Another outdoor ad campaign which had a similar sense of mystery in recent months were these Snapchat billboards, with the company's white ghost logo on a bright yellow background being the  only things present, with not even a website to provide any further information.
I'm There Flatiron building billboard
These I'm billboards may be here, there and everywhere, but let's hope we'll learn what the point is sooner rather than later.
I'm Here Surfer billboard

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