Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Chicago Med series premiere TV billboards...

Chicago Med series premiere billboard
Just in case you didn't think there were enough medical dramas on TV, NBC brings us another show called Chicago Med.

The network has already renewed The Night Shift for a third season, so this new series needs to bring something different to the genre, but fortunately Chicago Med is a spin-off and expands the Chicago Fire and P.D. universe already created and exec produced by Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead.
Chicago Med series premiere billboard
The day-to-day hospital drama will be supplied by the likes of Oliver Platt, Colin Donnell, Yaya DaCosta, Nick Ghelfuss and Brian Tee as some of the doctors and nurses ready to take on any medical crisis.
Chicago Med TV series billboard
These Chicago Med series launch billboards were first spied along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on October 21, then later along Melrose Avenue and Highland Avenue through November 6, 2015.
Chicago Med series launch billboard
Compared to this Fall's Code Black which tried to inject some movement and drama into its launch ad creative, this one just feels static and a bit posey. But maybe it wants to provide a point of difference between its competitor and even The Night Shift, which also had dramatic season promo billboards.
Chicago Med season 1 billboard
If you're a fan of the Chicago TV universe, be sure to also enjoy these billboards for Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.

Daily Billboard is there'll be plenty of room for crossovers with the city's police and fire departments in the future, but let's see if Chicago Med can establish itself as must-see television on its own merits.
Chicago Med NBC series billboard

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