Saturday, November 7, 2015

Agent X series premiere TV billboards...

Agent X series premiere billboard
With a certain British spy back on the big screen this weekend in the U.S., TNT picked a great weekend to launch their new Agent X series, this one protecting America's shores.
Agent X TV series billboard
The handsome Jeff Hephner stars as 'John Case', an off-the-radar operative commanded by Sharon Stone's Vice President and tasked with covert missions that even the FBI and CIA don't know about.
Agent X series premiere billboard
It sounds like an interesting premise and these dramatic and dynamic ad creatives certainly catch your eye with their patriotic design.
Agent X season 1 billboard NYC
The landscape billboard for Agent X was first spied along the Sunset Strip besides the Chateau Marmont Hotel on September 24, then later snapped above Melrose Avenue on October 29.
Agent X season 1 billboard
Meanwhile the portrait ad version was photographed in New York City opposite the Javits Convention Center on November 3, 2015.
Agent X series billboard
Let's see if Agent X can bring something fresh and original to the world of international espionage and doesn't simply get lost in the shadow of 007.
Agent X TV series billboard

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