Monday, November 30, 2015

In the Heart of the Sea movie billboards...

In the Heart of the Sea movie billboard
More than once in a while Hollywoodland dusts off an old fairytale, classic story or screen legend like 'Dracula' or 'King Kong', and tries to breathe new life into the concept.
In the Heart of the Sea film billboard
This holiday season it's the turn of the giant white whale, 'Moby-Dick'.

Ron Howard's new movie In the Heart of the Sea explores the real-life events that led to Herman Melville's infamous nautical tale.
In the Heart of the Sea movie billboard
Thor's Chris Hemsworth stars alongside Ben Whishaw, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland and more, as a New England whaling ship crew terrorized by a mammoth sperm whale in 1820, stranded for 90 days at sea thousands of miles from home.
In the Heart of the Sea billboard
In the Heart of the Sea portrait billboard
The giant whale tail and eye ad creatives certainly convey the sense of awe and scale of the danger these whalers face.
In the Heart of the Sea whale eye billboard
In the Heart of the Sea billboard
All these various In the Heart of the Sea billboards formats and ad creatives were photographed from October 23 to November 19, 2015 around the streets of L.A., including Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue, Vine Street and San Vicente Boulevard.
In the Heart of the Sea whale tail billboard
Heart of the Sea whale eye billboard
If you're a fan of Chris Hemsworth, be sure to also check out these Blackhat movie billboards, Thor movie billboards and these Rush movie billboards.
Heart of the Sea whale tail billboard
Surely the moral of this story is if you don't want to be preyed on by a gigantic whale, don't go whale hunting.
Heart of the Sea movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another ad creative for the movie you see less of around the city streets, and if so on small ad formats and posters, but it actually conveys the scale of the creature they face with the whale swimming under their little boat. This In the Heart of the Sea ad was snapped at The Grove shopping centre on December 3, 2015.
In the heart of the Sea movie billboard

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Apple TV billboards brightening L.A.'s skyline...

Apple TV billboard
Billboard advertising and design fans rejoice, Apple has refound its mojo with its latest outdoor ad campaign for Apple TV.
Apple TV testcard billboard
Daily Billboard recently bemoaned the fact that Apple's iPhone 6s outdoor advertising was beginning to blend in with its competitors efforts, so it's nice to see this bold and colourful collection of billboards inspired by the iconic television testcard for the tech giant's fourth generation TV streaming device.
Apple TV billboard
These multicoloured ads are simple and spectacularly eye-catching in the city skyline, especially framed by that gorgeous clear California blue sky.

This fun design is so much better than actually showing the sleek black box product with the Apple Remote control and you immediately know from afar that the whole campaign is for television.
Apple TV billboard
With the growing popularity of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon over traditional TV network and cable offerings, there's never been a better time to push this digital media player.
Apple TV billboard
With Apple's new TV interface you can even ask Siri to find you something to watch without touching a button, and before you shout "the machines are taking over", if you do want to do something with your hands the new Touch surface on the tiny remote allows you to navigate your viewing options by using your thumb to swipe, scroll, select and navigate around your screen.
Apple TV billboard
These cool Apple TV billboards were snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and high above Sunset & Vine on November 27, 2015.

For another way to sell a similar product, back in November 2012 these Roku Keep streaming America billboards used typography and humour to make their tech offering more relatable.
Apple TV billboard
Now if you can take your eyes off these billboards, maybe it's time to watch some must-see TV for the rest of the weekend.
Apple TV billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard really loved the bold simplicity of the Apple TV billboards, but didn't realise they were the first tease in a larger ad campaign.
Apple TV Inside Out movie billboard
Upon seeing the amended Inside Out ad creative, we wondered if Apple had simply sold out and the whole campaign was to help launch Blu-Ray and digital sales of the hit Disney/Pixar movie as the colour scheme fit the animated movie's characters almost perfectly.
Inside Out Apple TV billboard
Homer Simpson Apple TV billboard
Then we glimpsed other billboard versions featuring familiar faces and characters from TV, like 'Homer Simpson' from The Simpsons and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as 'Selina Meyer' from Veep.
Apple TV Veep billboard
Apple TV video game racing cars billboard
Add to that clever video game creatives, National Geographic giraffes and Game of Thrones-themed billboards and this second wave of outdoor ads slowly won us over.
Apple TV second wave billboard
Apple TV National Geographic Giraffe billboard
These cool creatives were spied blanketing the skies of L.A. in vibrant rainbow imagery from December 8 to December 12, 2015, including along the Sunset Strip, Beverly Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Bundy Drive, Wilshire Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, Pico Boulevard and Hollywood Boulevard.
Game of Thrones Apple TV billboard
Apple TV cars billboard
We've said it before and we'll say it again, Apple never scrimps on its outdoor advertising, and aren't we all glad, as we get to enjoy such fun and inventive ad campaigns.
Inside Out Apple TV billboard
UPDATED: In addition here are all four sides of Sunset Vine Tower with the second wave creatives.
Apple TV Inside Out billboard
Apple TV 2nd wave billboard
Apple TV 2nd wave billboard Sunset & Vine
These rainbow-hued Apple TV billboards, which evoke the company's original logo, were spied causing a spectacle in Hollywood's skyline on December 18, 2015.
Apple TV Veep billboard Sunset & Vine

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What Happened, Miss Simone? documentary film billboards...

No Fear What Happened Miss Simone billboard
Netflix have enjoyed great success in recent years with their documentary offerings, receiving Oscar nominations for The Square and Virunga respectively. No doubt they'd like another nomination for What Happened, Miss Simone?, and maybe this time to take home an Academy Award.
What Happened Miss Simone Netflix documentary film billboard
This documentary film by Liz Garbus is about the life of the legendary 'High Priestess of Soul', Ms. Nina Simone, and her daughter, ex-husband, musical director and more provide an insight into the gifted singer and civil rights activist's personal struggles off stage.
What Happened Miss Simone No Fear FYC billboard
The original 'Now streaming' billboard for the documentary was snapped along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City on July 3, whilst the striking 'For your consideration' version was spotted along La Cienega Boulevard on November 6, 2015.
What Happened Miss Simone film billboard
This Nina Simone billboard isn't the only awards campaigning currently taking place in the skies of L.A., Netflix is also supporting its original film Beasts of No Nation and the TV show Mr. Robot also seems to have 'For your consideration' billboards everywhere at the moment.
What Happened Miss Simone No Fear FYC billboard
UPDATED: Now that Beasts of No Nation is out of the running for the Oscars, it looks like Netflix are putting all their efforts behind their Nina Simone documentary feature.
Giant What Happened Miss Simone Oscar billboard
This giant Oscar consideration billboard was photographed along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on February 1, 2016, which is also the start of Black History Month in the U.S.
What Happened Miss Simone Oscar billboard
Will it be third time lucky for Netflix at this year's 88th annual Academy Awards ceremony on February 28, 2016?
Giant What Happened Miss Simone Oscar billboard
UPDATED: In addition to the super-sized version, here's also a standard landscape billboard which pulls out from Miss Simone's face. This equally arresting Oscar consideration billboard was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on February 10, 2016.
What Happened Miss Simone Oscar nominee billboard
UPDATED: Netflix's Nina Simone documentary may have missed out on an Academy Award, but there's still a chance that it could enjoy some Emmy award success. This small Emmy nomination billboard to help garner votes was spotted along Pico Boulevard on August 22, 2016.
What Happened Miss Simone Emmy nomination billboard

Friday, November 27, 2015

I'm Here There Everywhere billboards...

I'm Here hand heart sun billboard
What are all these I'm billboards and where did they come from are questions some people are asking in L.A. these past few weeks.
I'm There lighthouse billboard
With all the different ad creatives, this I'm campaign instantly reminds Daily Billboard of Apple's Shot on iPhone 6 ad billboard campaign, which was user-generated and very visual.
I'm Everywhere NYC billboard
Just like that outdoor campaign these billboards really stand out as they're not really trying to sell you anything and have inspiring imagery.
I'm Here Surfer billboard
The real problem comes when you visit the website and there's very little information on what it's all about or how to use this new app or online feature.
I'm There mountain lake billboard
That's a lot of money to spend on an awareness raising campaign, especially when you're driving people to a platform that doesn't seem to work.
I'm Here sunbathing billboard
Another question raised is do we need another app to let you 'explore and share the world around you'.
I'm There Flatiron building billboard
Daily Billboard isn't quite sure how this new offering is any different from checking in on Facebook, sharing an instagram photo, a tweet, a review on Yelp, or countless other social media options (although saying that, maybe this new startup will be worth millions in the coming months).
I'm Everywhere city streets billboard
These engaging I'm billboards were spotted here, there and everywhere around Los Angeles in the past few weeks, along La Brea Avenue, Cahuenga Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Pico Boulevard and Westwood Boulevard from November 5 to November 22, 2015.
I'm Here hand heart billboard
There are worse things to be filling the L.A. skyline at this time of year, so we may as well all enjoy the imagery for as long as they're around.
I'm There lake billboard
I'm Here sunbathing billboard
Another outdoor ad campaign which had a similar sense of mystery in recent months were these Snapchat billboards, with the company's white ghost logo on a bright yellow background being the  only things present, with not even a website to provide any further information.
I'm There Flatiron building billboard
These I'm billboards may be here, there and everywhere, but let's hope we'll learn what the point is sooner rather than later.
I'm Here Surfer billboard