Thursday, October 8, 2015

Moonbeam City series premiere TV billboard...

Moonbeam City series premiere billboard
Rob Lowe is having a good Fall 2015 TV season, as not only is he starring in The Grinder on Fox, but you can also see him in animated form in the new Comedy Central series, Moonbeam City.
Moonbeam City series premiere billboard
As Detective 'Dazzle Novak' he's also a perfect fit for the futuristic adult cartoon series with its distinct 1980s retro vibe (that would make Jem and the Holograms proud), as he is one of the original 80s Hollywood Brat Pack.
Moonbeam City billboard
Helping him police this neon-filled world is Elizabeth Banks as the glamorous and tyrannical chief 'Pizzaz Miller' and Kate Mara as officer 'Chrysalis Tate', whilst Will Forte voices his arch-rival 'Rad Cunningham'.
Moonbeam City season 1 billboard
This fun special extension Moonbeam City billboard was snapped along the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on September 18, 2015, and if you like this you'll probably also enjoy these similarly 80s-themed Archer Vice season five billboards.

Prepare to be dazzled by Moonbeam City's sex, violence and pastels.
Moonbeam City series launch billboard

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