Thursday, October 22, 2015

Adam Ruins Everything series premiere TV billboard...

Adam Ruins Everything series premiere billboard
Anyone else think that this billboard for the series debut of Adam Ruins Everything is da bomb?

Following his popular College Humor web series, comedian Adam Conover brings you an educational sketch and interview show to shine a light on the truth of many commonly held misconceptions, debunking false ideas and annoying 'facts' of life.
Adam Ruins Everything series billboard
Yes, the truth hurts and a little knowledge can be dangerous, so get ready to examine topics like history behind diamond engagement rings, credit card fraud, tamper-resistant packaging, climate change, vitamin supplements and more everyday issues.
Adam Ruins Everything season 1 billboard
This fun special extension billboard for the series launch of Adam Ruins Everything was snapped in the crowded skies of the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on October 3, 2015.
Adam Ruins Everything extension billboard
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One thing's for sure, Adam certainly didn't ruin this clever billboard.
Adam Ruins Everything season 1 billboard

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