Tuesday, September 8, 2015

TV WEEK: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert series premiere billboards...

Late Show Stephen Colbert series premiere billboard
Stephen Colbert makes his move from The Colbert Report to helm The Late Show on CBS this Fall and has a bevy of billboards all over L.A. to make sure you get the message.
Late Show Stephen Colbert series billboard
For 1,447 episodes he played a fictionalised version of himself, parodying other anchormen and ill-informed late-night talk show hosts on Comedy Central's satirical news and chat show.
Late Show Stephen Colbert premiere billboard
Now he has mighty shoes to fill as David Letterman retires from the time slot after hosting since 1993 and this time he'll be coming out from behind the caricature to host as himself.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard
He's lined up an impressive array of guests for his first few shows, with George Clooney being his first official guest.
Late Show Stephen Colbert series premiere billboard
In addition to the usual Hollywood celebs with new movies, TV shows, songs and books to promote, he'll also have more than his share of political guests, so you can look forward to a mix of Scarlett Johansson, Lupita Nyong'o, Amy Schumer, Emily Blunt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Stephen King, Senator Jeb Bush and Senator Bernie Sanders, to name but a few.
Late Show Stephen Colbert premiere billboard
These irreverent billboards heralding his Late Show debut were first snapped along Pico Boulevard on August 12, then along Santa Monica Boulevard, La Cienega Boulevard, Fairfax Avenue, Beverly Boulevard and La Brea Avenue through September 7, 2015.
Comedy Central Election Indecision 2012 bilboard
Here's also a bonus billboard blast from the past, when Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart were providing Presidential Election commentary on Comedy Central, snapped along the Sunset Strip in October 2012.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard
As you can see from all these ads he can pose like a model, raise his eyebrows and point his finger with the best of them, so what more do you need to be able to do to be a late-night talk show host?
Late Show Stephen Colbert CBS series billboard
Good luck Stephen, and after the rest of you have checked out his debut hosting gig tonight, be sure to come back all this week for more fun new TV show billboards filling the L.A. skyline.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard
UPDATED: Here's also a creative Daily Billboard didn't spy in L.A., but spotted in New York City on November 3, 2015. Stephen Colbert certainly seems to be a fan of the pointing finger.
Late Show Stephen Colbert billboard NYC
UPDATED: In addition here's a recycled ad creative to help elicit 2016 Emmy consideration for The Late Show, snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on May 10, 2016.
Late Show Stephen Colbert 2016 Emmy FYC billboard
UPDATED: Stephen Colbert's Late Show may have struggled with ratings initially, but his viewership has grown as his satirical criticism of the new Trump administration has made him must-watch TV.
popular vote wins Late Show Stephen Colbert Emmy billboard
Here's a very timely and funny post-Presidential election Emmy consideration billboard snapped along West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on May 8, 2017, just as the late-night host is pettily investigated by the FCC after one of his recent anti-Trump tirades following the President calling CBS journalist John Dickerson fake news to his face during an interview. You've got our vote Stephen.
Late Show Stephen Colbert Emmy 2017 billboard
UPDATED: Here's another witty subsequent year Emmy consideration billboard for The Late Show spotted along the Sunset Strip on June 1, 2018.
Late Show Stephen Colbert news comes first Emmy FYC billboard

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