Monday, September 28, 2015

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series premiere TV billboards...

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3D heart-shaped balloon billboard installation
Now here's a fab heart-shaped balloon special 3D billboard installation to help brighten the start of another working week, courtesy of The CW's new musical comedy, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
Crazy Ex Girlfriend series premiere billboard
In addition there's a whole host of standard landscape billboards for the new show, starring Rachel Bloom as 'Rebecca Bunch' in the titular role, filling the sprawling L.A. skyline at the moment.
Special Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3D balloon billboard Whisky A Go-Go
In the show it's ten years later and Rebecca is still pining for her old high school boyfriend, 'Josh Chan' (played by Vincent Rodriguez III), when she discovers he's moving to West Covina, California and decides to give up her life in New York City and pursue who she believes is her soulmate across the country in the hopes of a fresh start.Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 1 billboard
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series launch billboard
The special pink balloon embellishment can be found floating over the billboard atop the Sunset Strip's infamous Whisky A Go-Go club and was snapped on September 23, 2015.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend special 3D balloon billboard
Meanwhile the standard ad creatives, which are equally eye-catching and instantly get the romantic message across, were photographed around the streets of L.A. along La Cienega Boulevard, Robertson Boulevard, La Brea Avenue and Pico Boulevard from September 18, 2015.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series billboard
Compared to movies and theme parks, it's not often you see television shows investing in these kinds of embellishments and special 3D installations.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 1 billboard
However saying that, several times in the past The CW has spent the money to help capture your attention for its new shows, like this gory billboard installation for The Vampire Diaries third season and this cool launch billboard for Arrow.
The funny thing at the moment is that the tagline for the new Everest movie is 'Never let go', punctuated with slightly different emphasis, but obviously the meanings are world's apart.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 3D balloon billboard
The show sounds like a lot of fun, but what do you think? Is she 'crazy', or simply in love. Watch the new freshman series and you can decide.

UPDATED: Fans of the TV series can also enjoy these costumes from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on display.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Here's also an Emmy consideration billboard for the third season of the musical comedy spied above West Hollywood's Sunset Strip on May 30, 2018.
Rachel Bloom Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2018 Emmy FYC billboard
Let's see if Rachel Bloom can nab an Emmy before the fourth and final season of the series.
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend season 3 Emmy FYC billboard

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