Sunday, July 26, 2015

Warning! Consuming may cause Joy Hubert's Lemonade billboard...

Warning Consuming may cause Joy Huberts Lemonade billboard
There's just something really refreshing (pun intended) about this Hubert's Lemonade ad.

The drinks billboard is so simple, so bright, so joyful - a breath of fresh air (or fresh lemon at least) in the city skyline.
Warning may cause Joy Huberts Lemonade billboard
This vibrant and arresting beverage billboard was spied along the busy Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on July 24, 2015.

Funnily enough, the character 'Joy' was a big part of Disney/Pixar's latest animated Summer blockbuster, so be sure to also check her out in these fun and joyous Inside Out movie billboards.
Hubert's Lemonade Joy billboard
For more ideas on how to market drinks brands, be sure to compare this billboard to all these other drinks and beverage outdoor ad campaigns here at Daily Billboard.

Everyone needs a bit of joy in their life, so when life gives you Hubert's Lemonade, drink it!
Huberts Lemonade Warning cause Joy billboard
UPDATED: If you liked last year's ad creative for Hubert's Lemonade then you'll also love the 2016 offering.
Huberts Lemonade Summer 2016 billboard
As you can see the billboard shines out from a distance high over Wilshire Boulevard on June 22, 2016, although Daily Billboard was wondering if the intention of sunglasses-wearing lemon in the tagline was 'Stay cool this Summer', or is it 'Stay chilled', or even 'Stay lemon fresh' (which sound more like a toilet cleaner slogan). We'll let you decide.
Huberts Lemonade Stay cool this Summer billboard
Hubert's Lemonade Stay cool this Summer billboard
In addition we also spied this special extension version of this ad creative along Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood on June 25, 2016.
Huberts Lemonade special extension billboard
Plus a different 'Summer got me like' cut-out extension billboard with another lemon emoji character was spotted along Vine Street the same day.
Huberts Lemonade Summer got me like billboard
And another zesty standard example photographed along Pico Boulevard on July 7, 2016.
Huberts Lemonade Summer got me like billboard
Plus here's a fun 'Bumper to bumper? Stay cool' ad creative spied along the heavily trafficked Santa Monica Boulevard on July 12, 2016.
Huberts Lemonade Bumper to bumper billboard
Beat Summer heat Huberts Lemonade billboard
And along Hollywood Boulevard on July 16, 2016, Daily Billboard spotted this other fiery 'Beat the Summer heat' ad creative, which is so appropriate with the soaring Summer Southern California temperatures.
Huberts Lemonade Beat the Summer heat billboard
UPDATED: Hubert's Lemonade is certainly owning Summer with these sunny ads refreshing the L.A. skyline.
Hubert's Lemonade special extension billboard
Huberts Lemonade Bumper to bumper billboard
Here are more standard and special extension examples of the vibrant emoji campaign snapped along La Cienega Bouelvard and Melrose Avenue on July 21, 2016.
Huberts Lemonade Stay cool this Summer billboard

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