Friday, July 10, 2015

Southpaw movie billboards...

Southpaw movie billboard
In the past he's played an Arabian prince, moody teenager, gay cowboy, investigative journalist, cop, soldier and more besides, now it's time to see if Jake Gyllenhaal can pack an emotional punch in his new boxing family drama, Southpaw.
Southpaw movie billboard
One day he's a boxer at the height of his fame and fortune, but despite all this his loving wife (Rachel McAdams) pleads with him to give up to spend my time with his daughter, and the next day tragedy strikes and he loses his family and riches, and must return to the ring to get his life back on track wight he help of Forest Whitaker.
Southpaw film billboard
These romantic billboards for Southpaw were first spied along Highland Avenue in Hollywood on July 2, 2015, plus above the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood the next day.
Southpaw movie billboard
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Admirers of Rachel McAdams can also enjoy these Aloha movie billboards, these giant About Time movie billboards and the outdoor ad campaign for The Vow.
Southpaw billboard
Only time will tell if this drama will be a knock out at the box office.
Southpaw movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard for the sporty movie spotted along Fairfax Avenue on July 10, 2015.
Southpaw movie billboard

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